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Cook County Personal Injury Lawyers: Expert Advocacy with VanDerGinst Law

In the heart of Illinois, Cook County stands as a bustling metropolis, home to Chicago and a mosaic of communities each with its unique vibrancy and challenges. Amidst this diversity, residents of Cook County can find themselves facing the repercussions of personal injuries that can significantly alter their lives. VanDerGinst Law is here to offer unparalleled legal support to those in need within Cook County. Our team of personal injury attorneys brings a wealth of knowledge, compassionate advocacy, and a relentless drive to secure justice for our clients. 

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For detailed legal guidance and support in Cook County, reach out to VanDerGinst Law. Our experienced team is prepared to assist you through every step of your personal injury claim, ensuring you receive the expert representation you need for a successful outcome. 

Why VanDerGinst Law is the Go-To Firm in Cook County for Personal Injury Cases 

When it comes to choosing a legal representative in Cook County, the decision is paramount. VanDerGinst Law stands out for numerous reasons: 

  • Nationally Respected – Locally Connected: Our attorneys possess a deep understanding of the local legal environment, enabling us to navigate your case with expertise and finesse. 
  • Commitment to Your Comprehensive Recovery: Our approach goes beyond legal victories; we are dedicated to your overall well-being, ensuring our strategies align with your recovery and the pursuit of rightful compensation.  
  • Customized Legal Representation for Cook County Residents: Recognizing the diversity within Cook County, we tailor our legal services to meet the individual needs and circumstances of our clients, providing personalized and effective legal solutions. 

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Your Path to Justice with VanDerGinst Law in Cook County 

Partnering with VanDerGinst Law means embarking on a journey towards justice with a team committed to your success: 

  • Detailed Case Analysis: Starting with a comprehensive evaluation, we delve into every aspect of your situation to craft a strategic and robust legal plan. 
  • Vigorous Advocacy for Your Rights: Equipped with negotiation and litigation prowess, our Cook County personal injury lawyers are prepared to assertively protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve. 
  • Consistent Support and Clear Communication: Transparency and support are pillars of our service. We keep you informed and confident throughout your legal journey, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. 

Maximizing Your Compensation in Cook County 

Securing maximum compensation for your losses is our top priority. We meticulously address all aspects of your claim, from immediate and future medical expenses to lost earnings, pain and suffering, and more, to ensure you receive the comprehensive compensation necessary for your recovery. 

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A Partner in Your Recovery: VanDerGinst Law in Cook County 

Choosing VanDerGinst Law means more than just hiring a lawyer; it means gaining a partner who is deeply invested in your recovery and the successful resolution of your personal injury claim. We’re committed to providing the residents of Cook County with expert legal representation tailored to the unique demands of this diverse area. 

Active Engagement in the Cook County Community 

Our dedication extends beyond the courtroom. VanDerGinst Law actively participates in and supports various community initiatives across Cook County, underscoring our commitment to not just advocate for, but also contribute positively to the community we serve. 

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Begin Your Journey to Recovery with VanDerGinst Law 

If you or a loved one in Cook County is navigating the aftermath of a personal injury, reach out to VanDerGinst Law for a free consultation. Entrust us with your legal challenges and focus on your recovery with the peace of mind that your case is in expert hands. 

Contact our Cook County team today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you. With VanDerGinst Law, you’re choosing a firm that places your recovery, justice, and well-being at the forefront of everything we do. 

Don’t wait to start your journey to recovery and justice. Contact us now for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Click here or call 800-797-5391 to connect with a team that truly cares and is dedicated to your well-being. 

1. The VanDerGinst Law Cook County Personal Injury Lawyers Make the Process Simple and Convenient

The personal injury claims process can be complex. You might have serious injuries that have incurred costly medical bills. You might not be able to work due to your injuries. The last thing you need is to deal with medical providers and the insurance industry. 

Let VanDerGinst Law handle it so you can focus on getting better!

We make opening a personal injury case as quick and convenient as possible. 

We can open most files over on the phone or online, and we even offer video conferencing to suit your needs. We can even come to you!

We are available 24/7 every day of the year! Simply click here or call 800-797-5391

When we open your file, we immediately investigate your case to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Our Cook County Personal Injury Lawyers do everything necessary to work your file.  We obtain the records from medical providers.  We handle health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, medical payment insurance, and any other benefits that may apply to your case.  We negotiate with the insurance adjuster and other representatives of the opposing party to get the best possible settlement.  If the opponent doesn’t offer a sensible settlement, our highly experienced Cook County personal injury lawyers are prepared to fight in court. We work hard to get you the best result.

2. Be Affordable? How about Free? If our Cook County personal injury lawyers don’t get you compensation for your injury claim, you won’t owe us anything!

We handle personal injury cases on a contingent fee basis.  If VanDerGinst Law doesn’t get you compensation for your injuries, there is NO ATTORNEY FEE.  If we do get you a settlement, our fee is a percentage of the amount recovered. It depends on the type of case we handle and whether the case must be litigated, but it is always reasonable.

Even though other personal injury attorneys say they work on contingency, they may also require a retainer fee for costs such as filing fees or postage.  That can often add up to quite a sum.  At VanDerGinst Law, there is NO RETAINER FEE on injury cases.  We forward all costs necessary to pursue your claim.

3. The Cook County Personal Injury Lawyers at VanDerGinst Law Will Fight to Get You the Maximum Amount of Money for Your Injury Claim

We have represented more than 50,000 injury victims over the years. At VanDerGinst Law, we know injury law.  But we also know the judges, lawyers, medical providers, and insurance adjusters who are involved in Cook County-area injury claims and lawsuits. We will fight to get you the money you deserve!

We have made record recoveries in counties across Illinois for a variety of injury case types, including worker’s compensation, car accidents, and medical malpractice cases.  We have been recognized by peers, clients, and other professionals as among the best in the country in personal injury law. 


More importantly, we do not represent insurance companies, so we never have a conflict of interest in representing our injury clients.  But we DO employ former insurance adjusters and insurance defense attorneys who know the tricks of the trade.  We put that knowledge to work for you!

If you have suffered serious injuries, you need a personal injury law firm that focuses on injury law, rather than a lawyer who occasionally “dabbles.”  The practice of law is much like the practice of medicine. There are practitioners who have “general” practices and others who specialize.

At VanDerGinst Law we focus almost exclusively on injury law.

We can skillfully handle ANY injury case that comes our way.

You will be in great hands with the personal injury lawyers of VanDerGinst Law.

4. The Cook County Personal Injury Lawyers of VanDerGinst Law Will Keep You Informed Every Step of the Way

Anyone can make that kind of statement.  But can they prove it?  We can.  VanDerGinst Law is one of the only law firms in the country to have been awarded the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics.

We have also been awarded the Client’s Choice Award from Avvo Lawyer Rating Service and the Client Champion Award from Martindale-Hubbell Attorney Rating Service.

Cook County Personal Injury Lawyers

Cook County is the most populous county in Illinois. More than 40% of all residents of Illinois live in Cook County. The county seat is the city of Chicago, which is the most populous city in Illinois and the third most populous city in the United States.

Overall, there are over 5.1 million people living in Cook County, with more than 800 local government units and nearly 130 municipalities. At its inception, Cook County’s access to Lake Michigan turned it into a central hub for transporting crops and other commodities.

Cook County is the largest county in Illinois in total area. Because of its large size in terms of both land and population, it is not hard to imagine that Cook County sees its fair share of accidents and injuries, particularly motor vehicle accidents.

With major interstates and freeways traversing Cook County and connecting its cities and towns, and the sheer amount of traffic on the county’s roadways, traffic accidents are the number one cause of injury in Cook County. In 2018, there were a total of 162,555 crashes in Cook County, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. In 2020 alone, there were 369 fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents in Cook County.

In addition to motor vehicle accidents, Cook County residents also suffer injuries in workplace accidents, slip and falls, dangerous or faulty products, and medical malpractice incidents.

If you are a Cook County-area resident and were injured on the job or due to someone’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

VanDerGinst Law can help!

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1. What Should I Do and Not Do If I Have Been Injured?

First, you should gather witness information and photos and/or video of the accident site if you are safely able to do so. If necessary, contact the police or other emergency personnel. Get the appropriate medical attention necessary to address any acute injury as soon as possible.  Most importantly, do NOT sign anything or record a statement for the other party’s insurance representatives.

2. Do You Need a Cook County Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many reasons that it makes sense for you to be represented by a personal injury lawyer when you have a claim. 

First, having a lawyer on your side can make a difference in the amount of compensation you will recover from your claim. Insurance carriers and other big business defendants have lawyers looking out for their interests. Insurance adjusters will try to convince you to settle for as little as possible. They will not simply give you the settlement you deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney can exert the leverage necessary to get you the compensation to which you are entitled. VanDerGinst Law has that experience.

Second, why would you want to fill out loads of forms and deal with insurance people and medical providers?  If you’ve been injured, uou need rest and recuperation – not additional stress. Let VanDerGinst Law handle the details.

We make opening a file as easy and convenient as possible.

We collect the documentation necessary to pursue your case.

We conduct the investigation.

We deal with the insurance people and medical providers, and coordinate benefits.

We negotiate to get you the best resolution possible.

Third, with VanDerGinst Law on your side, there is no financial risk for you. If we do not win your injury case and get you compensation, you will not owe us anything!

3. When Should You Hire a Cook County Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you were injured at work or due to negligence and required medical treatment for those injuries, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

  • Do not wait until you are done treating.
  • Do not wait until you have spoken to insurance representatives or adjusters.
  • Do not wait until you get tired of negotiating on your own.

Adjusters set tentative values on injury claims at a very early stage.  An experienced injury attorney can ensure that those values are much greater than they would be with no attorney working on your behalf. Witness statements and evidence often needs to be secured immediately after the incident. A good lawyer will also advise you against signing medical authorization or giving recorded statements. 

There are just too many things that can go awry if you do not get a personal injury lawyer on your side as soon as possible after your injury.

4. Do I Need to File a Lawsuit to get Compensation for My Personal Injury?

Here’s the good news: most personal injury claims can be resolved without having to file a lawsuit. The key is to hire an attorney who is willing to file lawsuits and fight for justice whenever it is necessary to get the greatest results for clients. At VanDerGinst Law, we have a long history of proving our devotion to our clients.  Insurance companies know that. They know we will file lawsuits if necessary, to get the best results. 

5. Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Even if your personal injury case must have a lawsuit filed, that does not mean it will proceed all the way to a trial.  Typically, 95% of all injury cases are settled before going to trial. During trial preparations, each side becomes more familiar with their particular strengths and weaknesses – which often results in a settlement.  At VanDerGinst Law, we prepare all cases as if they will go to trial so we can get the best settlements for our clients.

6. How are Personal Injury Damages Determined? What is my case worth?

If an attorney tells you what your case is worth after a brief conversation about your injuries, they are either misinformed or misleading you.

There are many elements that impact the value of your personal injury case. These include your age, the type of accident, where you live, the nature, extent and duration of your injuries and treatment needs, the impact of your injuries on your ability to work and earn income, scarring and disfigurement, the impact on family, the nature of the defendant and their insurance and/or assets, and other considerations too numerous to mention.

If you successfully show liability in a personal injury case, any of the following may apply for damages:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost income
  • Past and future physical and mental pain and suffering
  • Past and future loss of function of mind and body
  • Past and future loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Other potential damages
7. What is Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering is harm caused by physical injury and mental distress experienced due to ancillary issues related to the accident and injuries.

8. How Much Does a Cook County Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

At VanDerGinst Law, we operate on a contingent fee basis. This means that if we don’t get you compensation for your injuries, there is NO ATTORNEY FEE.  You will never be out of pocket a dime.  We do not get paid unless and until you do.

Additionally, even though other personal injury attorneys say they charge a contingent fee, they may also require a retainer fee for costs like filing fees, expert fees, court reporter fees, etc. Those fees can add up. At VanDerGinst Law, there is NO RETAINER FEE on injury cases.  We front all costs necessary to pursue your claim.

9. What are the time limits that apply for Cook County Personal Injury Claims?

The statute of limitations is the law that sets the time in which a person must file a lawsuit.  In Illinois, that time is generally two years from the date of the injury.  There are very limited exceptions which may extend that time. There are also some situations which require notices be sent or lawsuits filed earlier than that two-year period.  If you neglect to file a lawsuit within the applicable time, you are forever excluded from doing so. Contact VanDerGinst Law as soon as possible.

10. If I was partially at fault can I still be compensated for injuries I sustained in an accident?

Illinois recognizes something known as “Modified Comparative Fault”.

Under the Modified Comparative Fault System, each party is responsible for damages in proportion to their own percentage of fault pro-rata, unless the plaintiff’s negligence reaches 51%. 

If you are partly at fault, your compensation will be reduced by the proportionate percentage of fault.  However, if you are 51% or more to blame, then you are not entitled to compensation. Therefore, if a reasonable award were determined to be $100,000 but you were 40% at fault, your award would be reduced by 40% so that you would receive $60,000.

11. Will medical bills I incurred due to my injury accident be paid by the responsible party?

The responsible party is required to pay the costs for all bills for reasonable and necessary treatment.  This includes medical bills, chiropractic bills, dental bills, physical therapy bills and any other similar costs. 

12. What happens if the responsible party did not have any insurance coverage?

If the party responsible for causing an injury accident does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance, there might be other sources of compensation.  The attorneys at VanDerGinst Law exhaust every possible avenue to identify those sources.

Sometimes we can find employers, people, or entities who may be vicariously liable. Sometimes we can turn to our client’s own uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage. And sometimes we determine that the responsible party has ample assets available outside of insurance.


Cook County Car Accidents: Even minor accidents can cause severe injuries. Click to see how our Cook County personal injury lawyers can help you get the best compensation for your car accident-related injuries. 

Cook County Truck Accidents: Commercial trucks (also known as semis, tractor-trailers, or big rigs) can cause devastating injuries if they’re involved in an accident. The rules that apply to truckers and tucking companies are different than conventional motor vehicle accidents.  To get the best recovery, you need attorneys who have the experience to handle these cases. VanDerGinst Law’s Cook County personal injury lawyers has that experience. Click to see how we’ve helped truck accident victims across Illinois.

Cook County Traumatic Brain Injury:  Even a seemingly minor accident can result in severe brain injuries. Symptoms may include memory loss, headaches, agitation, slurring, loss of consciousness, and others. Proper investigation and treatment are vital to getting reasonable compensation for these types of injuries.  Click here to see how we can help you get compensation.

Cook County Motorcycle Accidents: Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries or even death.  Read more about how our Cook County injury lawyers help bikers and their families when serious motorcycle accidents occur.

Cook County Wrongful Death Claims: Wrongful death can occur due to someone’s negligence, intentional actions, or other types of wrongdoing.  We can help your family get through a difficult time – and get the financial recovery necessary to assist in easing some of the burden that comes when a loved one is lost.

Cook County Bus Accidents: Bus accidents may involve municipalities who can rely on governmental immunities to avoid liability. They say you cannot fight city hall. Well, we do – every day. And we win! If you were injured in a bus accident, contact VanDerGinst Law today.

Cook County Pedestrian Accidents: If you or a loved one is struck as a pedestrian by a vehicle, the injuries can be severe.  See what our Cook County injury lawyers can do to help.

Cook County Premises Liability: Premises liability includes any number of accident or injury-causing incidents that occur on commercial or residential property. Click to read more about these types of accidents – and to see how VanDerGinst Law can help.

Cook County Dog Bites:  We have a lot of dog lovers at VanDerGinst Law. But when the worst happens and a dog attacks, serious injuries can occur. Often, compensation is necessary to address medical bills and even plastic surgery to repair the damage. See how our attorneys can help.

Cook County Class Action Lawsuits: Class actions arise when many people are harmed by a single defendant (or a few defendants). VanDerGinst Law is involved in several class action lawsuits. Click here to find out which ones.

Cook County Spinal Cord Injury:  Serious spinal cord injuries can result in paraplegia or quadriplegia. If you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury, contact VanDerGinst Law. Our Cook County injury lawyers will fight hard to get the compensation necessary to help you return to some semblance of a normal life.

Cook County Swimming Pool Injuries:  Swimming pools can lead to serious injuries from slip and fall accidents and diving accidents. Read more on how our Cook County injury lawyers can help. 

Cook County Slip and Fall Accidents:  Slip and fall accidents can occur indoors or outdoors, at commercial properties and residential properties.  They can happen on sidewalks, in parking lots and other public areas.  They happen in the winter, but they also happen in the summer.  They often result in serious injuries.  VanDerGinst Law can help get you the compensation you deserve after a slip and fall accident.

Cook County Worker’s Compensation Claims:  Even if you were at fault in causing the accident which led to injuries at work, you can still be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. If you were working at the time of your injury, you may qualify for compensation. Our attorneys can help you get proper compensation and explore other possible sources of compensation.

Cook County Construction Accidents:  Construction is a dangerous line of work. Accidents are a frequent occurrence, and they can lead to serious injuries. If you were in a construction accident, an experienced Cook County personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your injuries.

Cook County Insurance Claims:  Insurance claims can be made in relation to injuries from accidents.  But they can also be related to rights you may have under other insurance policies, such as Commercial, Homeowner’s, Health, Liability, and more. See how we can help.

Cook County Business Interruption Insurance Claims:  Small businesses are often forced to close or restrict their operations when catastrophes occur. Many Illinois businesses were restricted due to COVID 19. Business interruption coverages may apply even when the insurance carrier says it does not. Contact us to see if we can help. 

Cook County Medical Malpractice:  When a medical provider fails to uphold their duty to deliver a reasonable standard of care, you or a loved one might suffer as a result. Learn how VanDerGinst Law can help you get compensation from your injuries due to medical malpractice.

Cook County Nursing Home Negligence:  When a loved one has been neglected in a nursing home, a Cook County personal injury lawyer can assist in securing compensation. Learn how the attorneys at VanDerGinst Law can help.

Cook County Nursing Home Abuse:  When a loved one has been abused in a nursing home, a Cook County personal injury lawyer can assist in getting justice.

Contact a Cook County Personal Injury Lawyer Today.

We know that the personal injury claims process can be frustrating and overwhelming.

The injury attorneys at VanDerGinst Law can help fight your battles while you focus on recovery. 

Reach out to our firm by calling (800) 797-5391, or contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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