Some of Our Recent Results for Injury Clients

At VanDerGinst Law, we have represented tens of thousands of clients who had been injured on the job or due to negligence.

The following list illustrates some of our recent results wherein we have recovered compensation for accident and injury victims.  This is just a small sampling.

Every case is different, and we cannot promise the same results for every case.  But we can promise to use every effort to get the best results possible for your injury case.

$2 Million Settlement for our client injured in a motorcycle accident.

Our client was riding a motorcycle when a large drum fell off a truck and took the rider out.  They suffered many major injuries and as a result had several surgeries.  Due to this accident the motorcyclist will never be the same nor will they be able to ride a motorcycle again.

$800,000 Recovered for our client that was struck by a semi while pulled off the side of the highway.

Our client was pulled off the road, on the side of the highway and slammed into by a semi. Broken arm broken vertebrae and facial fractures.  

$200,000 Recovered for a man who suffered breathing problems to to chemical exposure at work.

Client had experienced serious breathing problems and went to get things checked out.  Turns out the problems where coming from chemicals he was breathing in at work.

$490,000 for Man Injured in Road Rage Accident

Our client was hit by an individual involved in a road rage incident with another driver. He suffered multiple broken bones and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Our firm negotiated a $490,000 settlement for our client’s current and future medical expenses including pain and suffering.

$178,000 settlement for dog bite client

33 yr old person was visiting her friend and the dog bit our client in the face which resulted in requiring 53 stitches in her face and nose.

$125,000 for Woman Hit by Dump Truck

Our firm negotiated a $125,000 settlement for a client who was hit by a dump truck while traveling on the interstate. Our client suffered multiple injuries including a concussion and whiplash.

$100,000 for Woman Injured in Workplace Accident

Our firm negotiated a $100,000 settlement for a client injured at work when a ladder she was using collapsed, and she suffered a broken fibula and dislocated knee.

$148,000 for Injuries Resulting From Rear-End Collision

Our client was rear-ended by a distracted driver in a commercial vehicle. He suffered a broken arm which required surgery. Our firm negotiated a settlement of $148,000 to compensate for his bills and pain and suffering.

$65,000 for Teacher Injured During Student Fight

Our client injured his back while breaking up a fight between middle school students. We negotiated a $65,000 settlement for our client’s current and future medical expenses.

$44,000 for School Bus Driver Injured in Accident with Sleepy Motorist

While driving a school bus for a local school district, our client T-boned a careless motorist who ran a stop sign. She suffered significant injuries, including a brain injury. We secured a $44,000 settlement, which was 50% more than what the insurance company originally offered.

$150,000 for Couple Injured During Motorcycle Accident

Our clients were taking a twilight ride when a car rear-ended their motorcycle at a stoplight. Our firm negotiated a settlement of $150,000 for the couple’s medical bills and lost wages.

$43,500 for Eye Injury While on the Job

Our client was working as an electrician when a wire punctured his cornea. The injury limited his ability to work and earn a paycheck. Our attorney secured a settlement of $43,500 (twice the initial offer from his employer’s workers compensation insurance) to pay for his medical expenses and lost wages.

$43,000 for a Fall on a Rotted Wooden Deck

A wooden deck’s loose board caused our client to fall and rupture the tendons in her foot. The fall also caused our client to lose consciousness from a head injury. After an ER visit, foot surgery, physical therapy, and treatment for chronic migraines, our client’s medical bills swiftly piled up. She turned to VanDerGinst Law for help. Our attorney negotiated a $43,000 settlement for our client – three times the initial offer from the insurance company.

$75,000 for Marine Veteran’s Injuries After Car was Sideswiped on Interstate

Our client, a retired Marine Veteran, was sideswiped by a driver entering the interstate via the on-ramp and failed to yield the right of way. Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff while trying to regain control of his car. We were able to get him $75,000 for his injuries.

$101,000 for Husband and Wife in Rear-End Collision

Our clients were traveling through an intersection when another driver neglected to stop and rear-ended their truck, causing it to spin into a nearby ditch and hit a tree. We negotiated a $101,000 combined settlement for the two cases to cover their medical expenses and damaged vehicle.

$55,000 Recovery for Car Accident Caused by Driver Who Failed to Stop

Our client was the passenger in a car that was T-boned at an intersection where the other driver failed to stop. We secured a $55,000 settlement for his injuries.

$85,000 for Injuries Suffered in a Fall on Icy Sidewalk

Our client was navigating an icy sidewalk at an auto dealership when she lost her footing and fell. Her injuries required surgery for a full ankle reconstruction. We were able to negotiate a settlement of $85,000 for her injury.

$2,500,000 for Spinal Injury in Truck Accident

$2.5 million for family of man who suffered spinal injuries in a trucking accident but died from an unrelated cause several months after the accident.

$250,000 for Rear-End Collision Car Accident

A 56-year-old farmer suffered torn rotator cuffs in both arms after a rear-end collision while stopped at a red light. Our team secured a $250,000 settlement to cover his medical bills and lost wages.

$135,000 for Motorcycle Accident

Our 42-year-old client was sideswiped and knocked from his motorcycle, suffering a torn rotator cuff and tendon tears that need to repaired with surgery and supplemented with physical therapy. Our office was able to obtain a $135,000 settlement to cover his medical expenses and the damage to his motorcycle.

$148,000 for Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

A 29-year-old passenger in a vehicle, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, was involved in a car accident that resulted in a closed transverse fracture in her left patella. Fortunately, her infant was not injured in the accident. We secured a $148,000 settlement for her injury.

$30,000 for Broken Leg Due to Slip and Fall Accident

On an icy day with freezing rain, a 36-year-old man slipped on ice in the parking lot of a local restaurant and broke his leg, requiring surgery to put a plate in his ankle. We secured a $30,000 settlement for his injury.

$55,000 for Injuries Sustained in a Car Accident

A 51-year-old man was involved in a car accident that resulted in acute cervical strain and myofascial restrictions, for which we secured a $55,000 settlement.

$1,700,000 for Car Accident Victim Who Lost an Eye

A 46-year-old man was a passenger in the front seat of a vehicle that collided with another vehicle that had blown a stop sign. As a result of the airbags deploying, our client lost an eye. We were able to secure a settlement of $1,700,000 for his permanent loss and disfigurement.

$650,000 for Infant Burned at Daycare

We were able to secure $650,000 for an infant who was burned by boiling water while at daycare.

$1,000,000 for Victim of Medical Malpractice

An 80-year-old man suffered a massive stroke that could have been avoided if doctors had properly addressed a blood clot that had been noted by the radiologist. The clot ultimately resulted in a massive stroke causing permanent paralysis of our client’s right side.

$397,356 Verdict for Victims in Bar Fight

A bar fight resulted in a dram case against a tavern and battery cases against the assailants. The verdict was in favor of one Plaintiff in the amount of $200,000 which included $50,000 for compensatory damages and $150,000 for punitive damages. The verdict was also in favor of another Plaintiff in the amount of $197,356 which included $47,356 for compensatory damages and $150,000 for punitive damages.

$8,000,000 for Traumatic Brain Injury

A 38-year-old man was crushed by falling paneling in a hardware store resulting in a traumatic brain injury which ultimately lead to his early death.

$3,000,000 for Family of Wrongful Death Victim

VanDerGinst Law was able to recover $3,000,000 for the family of a 25-year-old woman who was stabbed to death by the employee of an apartment complex. The complex failed to properly investigate and supervise the employee, who had a long criminal history of violence.

$200,000 for Victim Rear-Ended by a Semi-Truck

A 41-year-old man suffered a clavicle fracture, broken tooth, and head laceration as a result of being rear-ended by a semi-truck. We were able to secure a $200,000 settlement for injuries and pain and suffering.

$1,400,000 Recovery for Semi-Truck Accident Resulting in Death

A young man died when his car collided with a semi-truck that had pulled out in front of him, leaving behind two children. Liability in this case was hotly contested, the case was mediated and ultimately resulted in a settlement of $1,400,000.

$2,547,000 for Failure to Diagnose and Treat Woman’s Cancer

We were able to secure $2,547,000 for our client because doctors failed to properly diagnose and treat her for the cancer to which she ultimately succumbed.

$250,000 for Woman Injured in Drunk Driving Accident

A 27-year-old woman suffered a broken nose, hip, femur, and thumb as a result of a drunk driver who crossed the center line and collided with our client. We were able to secure her a $250,000 insurance policy limit recovery.

$1,055,000 for Man Who Lost Leg in Semi-Truck Accident

Our client sustained a below-the-knee amputation as a result of a collision with a semi-truck while he was tending to his disabled vehicle. Liability in this case was hotly contested but resolved after lengthy litigation.

$100,000 for Passenger on Motorcycle Whose Driver Lost Control

A recovery for a 43-year-old woman who suffered knee injuries while a passenger on a motorcycle whose driver lost control.

$350,000 for Minor Seriously Injured

VanDerGinst Law was able to recover $350,000 for a minor client who was seriously injured when a cafeteria table fell on him as he was playing with friends at an after-hours activity.

This is just a small sampling of the compensation we have recovered for injury clients.

This page is updated frequently.  Check back often to see more of our recent results.

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