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If you or a loved one suffered injuries due to the actions of a doctor or another type of medical practitioner, you may be entitled to compensation.

You trust your doctor’s education and experience, placing your health and well-being in their hands. When a medical practitioner fails to uphold their duty to deliver a reasonable standard of care, you suffer as a result.

Whether you sustained new injuries or an existing condition worsened as a result, you may be able to recover compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

At VanDerGinst Law, our medical malpractice attorneys understand what you’re going through. We will fight for anyone who has been wrongly injured at the hands of a medical professional.

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Finding the Right Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice is a complex area of the law. Building a persuasive case requires extensive resources and the ability to obtain evidence and documentation. The best medical malpractice attorney for you will have a network of investigators and subject matter experts at their disposal. They will exhaustively investigate your case and gather the information necessary to establish fault and liability.

You need an attorney who will handle the entire process for you, so you can focus on your recovery.

Both the Illinois and Iowa statutes of limitations allow only two years to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice. If you don’t take legal action within this period, you could lose your rights to compensation. Contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible can help ensure you don’t compromise your rights.

  • $1,000,000

    Victim of Medical Malpractice

    An 80-year-old man suffered a massive stroke that could have been avoided if doctors had properly addressed a blood clot that had been noted by the radiologist. The clot ultimately resulted in a massive stroke causing permanent paralysis of our client’s right side.


    Failure to Diagnose

    We were able to secure $2,547,000 for our client because doctors failed to properly diagnose and treat her for the cancer to which she ultimately succumbed.

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  • I had great results, everything was done in a timely manner. The people were always friendly and helpful to my needs. They always responded to my questions, helped me out through some very tough times, and they cared. Everybody made me feel at ease and with all that happened, it was a welcome relief to know they have everything under control.

    Joe Casillas

How Can VanDerGinst Law Help You?

Some of the most common types of medical malpractice include missed or delayed diagnoses, medication errors, and surgical errors. However, you can sustain injuries in countless ways at the hands of a medical practitioner who delivered substandard care.

We put our resources to work for you, identifying all parties who caused or contributed to your injuries.

We identify your damages and calculate the value of your claim.

In most cases, we can successfully negotiate a fair settlement with the doctor’s medical malpractice insurance carrier. If the insurer will not negotiate or make a reasonable settlement offer, however, we will move forward with a lawsuit without hesitation.

We take on the biggest corporate healthcare entities, hospitals, and insurance companies, and we know how to get the results you deserve. At VanDerGinst Law, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the results you deserve.

We offer a no-cost consultation and case evaluation for personal injury victims in Illinois and Iowa. Contact us now to talk with one of our experienced medical malpractice attorneys.