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Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving many people who were injured at the hands of others. Our clients are at the heart of our practice, and their situations inspire us to be the best that we can be.

We have people that come in that are in so much pain they can't function at their job. Once you miss work, it puts stress on your pocket...VanDerGinst Law takes the pressure off the patient and the doctor and lets you do your job.

Dr. Zachary KnightKnight Chiropractic and Functional Health

You wanna work with somebody that is in to help somebody. We want everyone to get care and to get better. All of our experiences with VanDerGinst Law have been fantastic. I would recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Dr. Taylor BryantBryant Chiropractic

We like to help people. We come to work to help the community. If I'm injured in an accident that is not my fault, I deserve someone to take care of me like a lawyer. I recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Adam (Abdulla) KhedrIsland Auto Care

If you get in an accident and you don't know what to do, you have to get a lawyer. I recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Ahmed AlhajafanehComplete Auto Care

I think the biggest thing about VanDerGinst is the professionalism, the quick communication, and the easy access.

Dr. Dean Hulsing, DCWalnut Chiropractic Clinic

I was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. The sticker price for my medical bills was upwards of $400,000. I knew I was going to need legal help. At the initial consultation they were very professional, and I could tell they were very confident, they knew exactly what direction they wanted to take this whole thing. I would definitely recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Allan Eggerichs

If you're in an accident, you might be eligible for compensation. If I'm due compensation for somebody else being at fault, I'd like to be taken care of. I would recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Jeff StuhrD&D Wrecker

If you need help, get it. It's out there for you. I strongly, strongly recommend VanDerGinst Law.

James Brooks

If there's one thing that I can say about Dennis, it's that he's very approachable and when you are talking to him, he is listening to you. He's just the perfect kind of person to sit down and talk to.

Dr. Kay KnightAbsolute Balance Chiropractic

I had a legal issue that I felt was very complex. I wanted to get someone who was professional yet compassionate. I called VanDerGinst Law and found their staff to be just that.

Scott K.

When someone's injured and they're not getting better, and they feel like a part of their life has been taken away, or they're not being heard, then I would say I know somebody I can recommend that can help you get the answers you're looking for to resolve some of the frustrations that you might have. I have found that Dennis cares about the person. He's truly there for you, not just trying to win a court case.

Dr. Barbara ParkBack to Action Physical Therapy

As a "picker," you might say I'm picky. When I was injured and needed an attorney, I was picky as well. That's why I picked VanDerGinst Law.

Frank Fritz"American Pickers"

I was rear-ended coming home one day. I was apprehensive, but it was a really easy process and Dennis made me feel really comfortable. I would recommend VanDerGinst Law. They're very easy to work with, very professional, and make the whole process feel just very comfortable.

Shannon Moran

I think an attorney that understands patient quality of life is the most important thing-- not just being pain free. I'm absolutely excited to work with VanDerGinst Law.

Dr. Jacob DysonCoralville Chiropractic

VanDerGinst Law -- they've been in the Quad Cities for long time. I think their reputation is very good. I recommend VanDerGinst Law to any of my customers.

Bruce StraderQuality Plus Body Shop

Patients will sometimes ask questions that they don't know who to talk to, who's gonna take care of their bills, what insurance is responsible for. For my patients that have questions regarding legal issues, I feel very confident referring them to VanDerGinst Law.

Dr. Bruce WrightSolon Chiropractic

We do love working with VanDerGinst Law. I would absolutely recommend them to anybody. Any kind of PI cases, work comp, they work fantastic for our patients and it just makes our jobs and the patient's life so much easier.

Dr. Mark HavertapeHavertape Chiropractic

The amount of care that they have for the people that they work with in Cedar Rapids, they're helping so many more people than they even know.

Dr. Tina GallionActiveLife Chiropractic

What good care in my office looks like is that I really genuinely care for them as a person, so I want to make sure that I send them to somebody for that type of counsel that genuinely cares about them as a person. So that's why I recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Dr. Aaron HildrethRestore Family Chiropractic

When somebody's in an auto accident, it can be life-changing. I know my patients would be in good hands with VanDerGinst because every conversation I've had with VanDerGinst has been very open and personable, they express concern and they're there to help at a moment's notice.

Dr. Bart LeavensChiropractic Solutions

When the patient is at fault, they still need care, and it can get really complicated. Insurances refuse to pay. I tell them you need to see VanDerGinst Law for an accurate consultation and see how they can help you.

Dr. Nathalie NenainQuad Cities Chiropractic Center

My dealings with VanDerGinst Law Firm have been very positive. All my patients that I've retained have really loved their experience and I feel comfortable sending people to VanDerGinst Law.

Joseph Woelfel, DC CCACNatural Health Improvement Center of the Quad Cities

VanDerGinst, from my experience with them, is that they have the experience and the expertise to focus on personal injury, workman's comp, auto accidents, whatever it might be that falls under that personal injury umbrella.

Benjamin Deig, DCPeoria Spine & Sport

Dennis has years of experience, he's well-known throughout the nation. I feel comfortable sending any of my patients to him.

Chris Bowers, DCCedar Rapids Chiropractic

VanDerGinst Law is someone you know is going to follow through in getting a case settled to the patient's satisfaction.

Dr. Daniel BlohmChiropractic Solutions

We refer patients to VanDerGinst Law because they're experienced, they're reliable, and they're just a great resource for us to have.

Dr. Chris BeckwithBeckwith Chiropractic Neurology

You get that small business feel, you know, the caring aspect of it. I would let my patients know if anyone was looking for a lawyer or law firm, I would recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Brennan Gibbs, DCIowa Chiropractic Center

Patients want to get better as fast as possible and as naturally as possible. I had been looking for a lawyer that was really going to care for these type of patients. VanDerGinst Law is the one to really fight for them.

Dr. Adam IntronaCoralville Chiropractic

Their reputation at VanDerGinst Law is outstanding and their past clients rave about how friendly and welcoming they are. I would recommend VanDerGinst Law.

Mariah McSweeney, DCIowa Chiropractic Center

If I start treating someone who may need the help of an attorney, the first thing I do is give them one of Dennis' cards. They take a lot of the problems and concerns that the patient has and just takes them out of their hands and handles it for them.

Dr. Logan JenkinsJenkins Chiropractic

When I needed help, he's the one I called. If I have friends who need legal help, the first person I tell them to call is Dennis VanDerGinst at VanDerGinst Law.

Wes JordanKMCS Muscatine

It makes me most excited when patients report that they're able to do things they weren't able to do in such a long time. VanDerGinst Law has the patient's best interest in mind and handles a lot of the hard work so that way the patient can focus on getting better.

Dr. Jessica YoungBlack & Gold Chiropractic

The value of our care is in the measure of the correction. It's not just a treatment of pain, it's a way of correcting the spine so they have better health. We find that working with VanDerGinst, they're reliable, we can work with them easily, and they seem to have simplified the process of attorney doctor relationships.

Dr. Gene CretsingerSpinal Corrective Center

VanDerGinst Law took exceptionally great care of me. The customer service and attention to detail was second to none, and I feel confident in saying that you would get the same treatment.

Tony ToneVintage Sound 93.1

For cases like a personal injury, they need to focus on getting better. With VanDerGinst Law it's been great to work with them. They're all great to work with in terms of communication, records, and everything. They make it as easy as possible on us so we can focus on the patient.

Dr. Jacob YoungBlack & Gold Chiropractic

I often treat patients with liability injuries. As a doctor, I like to educate them on their legal options. I like to refer to VanDerGinst law because they're experienced and reliable.

Dr. Jennifer DevensBettendorf Spine Center

The health of my patients is very important to me, but when it comes to legal matters, I refer them to VanDerGinst Law. They're the law firm you can trust.

Dr. Juan CantuCantu Chiropractic

Choosing an experienced personal injury attorney will ensure your rights as a patient. That's why we highly recommend using VanDerGinst Law.

Dr. Randall HurtMississippi Valley Chiropractic

We've been sending our personal injury cases to VanDerGinst Law for over 20 years because we know they protect the interest of our patients. It's a name you can trust.

Dr. Michael RichardsKennedy Chiropractic

I feel confident in sending my patients to VanDerGinst Law. They are "down-to-earth" people that really simplify the PI case process for you. Whenever I give them a call or an email, they have always reached out to me in a timely fashion. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Charles MaldanadoHinsdale Chiropractic Healthcare

Very impressed with how professional the staff handled my case.

Marge K.

I had great results, everything was done in a timely manner. The people were always friendly and helpful to my needs. They always responded to my questions, helped me out through some very tough times, and they cared. Everybody made me feel at ease and with all that happened, it was a welcome relief to know they have everything under control.

Julie K.

I was impressed with the service I received, very helpful to us in gathering information. I would call on this law firm again if the need arose.

Martha K.

We recommend VanDerGinst Law to our patients due to the people being friendly and getting the case settled in a timely manner. The staff and attorneys are always willing to help. They work well with our office to get all bills and medical records and also make sure our liens are up to date before settling a case.

Stephaine G.

We were in a hit and run accident with a semi-truck. VanDerGinst Law was always there to help when we had questions. They saw us right away and helped us find a doctor. The settlement they got us took care of all our medical bills and got us money for missed work and school. We tell everyone to go see VanDerGinst Law because they LITERALLY took care of everything we thought we needed to worry about. They told us to just concentrate on getting well.

Pete K.

I was extremely pleased with the service provided by VanDerGinst Law. I would strongly recommend them to anyone in need of legal help.

Kido K.

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