Russell Nash

Russell Nash

Russell Nash is a dedicated and experienced paralegal with over 25 years of experience working in 11 different law firms throughout the Chicagoland area. His journey in the legal field began as a Judgment Drafter at McCaylla Raymer & Pierce, where he specialized in drafting judgments for foreclosure and sale.

Russell’s academic background includes an Associate’s Degree and a brief stint at Indiana State University in 1990, where he was a walk-on for the men’s tennis team. Originally aspiring to teach and coach tennis, Russell found his calling in the legal profession, bringing the same passion and diligence to his paralegal career.

Outside of work, Russell enjoys cooking and frequently travels to his favorite destination, Las Vegas. He is also passionate about helping the homeless, dedicating his time and resources to support this cause.

Russell’s advice to younger professionals is to follow their dreams while being patient, diligent, and understanding throughout their journey. His extensive experience and commitment to his work make him a valuable asset to our firm.

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