Drew Devore

Drew Devore

Drew DeVore is a cornerstone member of the VanDerGinst Law team, having joined the firm in 2008. He plays a pivotal role in maintaining the technological infrastructure and online presence of our organization. With a diverse skill set and a proactive approach, Drew ensures that our IT systems, website, and digital marketing efforts are always up to date and running smoothly.

Drew is responsible for monitoring and maintaining all aspects of our IT infrastructure. From troubleshooting technical issues to implementing new software solutions, he ensures that our systems operate efficiently and securely.

Drew is the creative force behind our website. He continuously works on web development projects to keep our site current and user-friendly. From designing sleek interfaces to optimizing performance, Drew ensures that our online presence remains professional and accessible. He also oversees the creation and maintenance of our marketing materials and social media channels. He leverages his expertise to craft engaging content and strategic campaigns that elevate our brand and connect with our audience.

Drew’s role at the firm extends far beyond traditional legal duties. While he may not practice law, his contributions are invaluable to the smooth operation and growth of our organization. Drew is known for wearing many hats and tackling any task with enthusiasm and proficiency.

Drew’s dedication and expertise make him an integral part of the VanDerGinst Law team. His commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that our firm remains at the forefront of technology and digital marketing.

Outside of work, Drew loves to be outdoors with his dog, kids and wife.  He also has many hobbies outside of work including but not limited to woodworking, building, working on hot rods, and working out.

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