Jody Ruchotzke

Jody Ruchotzke

Jody Ruchotzke, serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of our esteemed law firm, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role. With a diverse set of skills, she has built her career from the ground up starting with the firm as a Paralegal, becoming the Paralegal Manager, then the head of our Intake team as Intake Manager before reaching the role of COO. Jody’s journey at VanDerGinst Law reflects her commitment to growth and dedication to excellence.

Though her career began as a Branch Manager at Wells Fargo, Jody found her calling in the legal industry, drawn to the challenging yet rewarding nature of the field. Describing her career as challenging, rewarding, and fun, Jody is passionate about helping both clients and employees succeed.

Throughout her career, Jody has achieved remarkable accomplishments, from handling high-stakes cases to earning her place in the management team. Her unique blend of leadership skills, coupled with her belief in continuous learning, positions her as an invaluable asset to our firm.

As COO of a multi-office law firm, Jody faces daily challenges with confidence and determination. Her favorite aspect of the industry lies in its dynamic nature, where there’s always something new to learn and explore.

Looking ahead, Jody aims to continue fostering the growth of our business while providing unwavering support to our team and clients alike. She believes in the importance of hard work, resourcefulness, and reliability, offering sage advice to aspiring professionals seeking success in any field.

With a steadfast commitment to professional development and a genuine passion for helping others, Jody Ruchotzke epitomizes integrity, leadership, and excellence in the legal profession.

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