Cara Wangler

Cara Wangler

Cara Wangler embarked on her journey in the legal industry at the age of 23, starting as a Legal Assistant to former Chief Judge Walter Braud of Rock Island County. With dedication and diligence, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of Assistant Office Manager upon Judge Braud’s retirement. In this capacity, Cara managed a myriad of responsibilities, including overseeing daily receipts, client costs, statutory reviews, basic IT troubleshooting, and various clerical duties.

Recognized for her exemplary performance and leadership qualities, Ms. Wangler ascended to the position of Office Manager in 2010. In her current role, she oversees all aspects of accounts receivable and payable, manages supply orders, administers payroll, oversees 401K accounts, and ensures insurance compliance. Her comprehensive knowledge and ability to address a wide range of inquiries make her the cornerstone of VanDerGinst Law, earning her the reputation as the firm’s indispensable “go-to” person.

Born and raised in Moline, IL, Cara has instilled her strong work ethic into every aspect of her life. As a dedicated mother and grandmother, family holds a special place in her heart. Outside of the office, Cara channels her boundless energy into fitness and outdoor activities, reveling in the warmth of the sun and the rejuvenating power of nature.

Beyond her professional responsibilities, Cara is known for her playful spirit and love for surprises. As the unofficial “Master of Fright” at VanDerGinst Law, she often delights her coworkers with unexpected thrills, hiding around corners to jump out and playfully scare them. Her ability to infuse joy and laughter into the workplace reflects her vibrant personality and unwavering commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

With her unparalleled work ethic, dedication to excellence, and infectious enthusiasm, Cara Wangler embodies the spirit of VanDerGinst Law, embodying integrity, professionalism, and a touch of lighthearted fun in everything she does.

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