Thorough or Timely Personal Injury Advice?

Thorough or Timely Personal Injury Advice?

James Kennedy

Contacting a Chicago personal injury attorney, it is almost certain that you are responding to an event – most likely a significant event – in life. You, or a loved one, has been injured.

Making the phone call to your Chicago personal injury law firm is the correct thing to do. Access to the experience, integrity, and expertise of your accident attorney provides an advantage for your case that you just can’t afford to let pass.

But what of the legal representation and service you expect to receive? Do you hope for timeliness or thoroughness from your legal counsel? Imagine that you have made contact with your Chicago injury law firm. You have stated details in your case. At this point, your lawyer could take a few days for study and research regarding relevant precedent, past decisions and cases, and applicable statutes and laws. After this, he or she could then get back to you with what would surely be a thorough report. But what of this wait of few days or a week? Is this what you want? Can the injured person afford it?

The alternative is that your Chicago personal injury lawyer could respond immediately. This involves drawing from personal practice experience and legal instinct rather than books and study. This amounts to offering the best advice available from memory at that moment. This makes possible quick and timely action but may require a trade-off in ultimately less thorough information.

So, for your Chicago personal injury case, which is best? In fact, the answer is apparent and clear. For your case, the best option is BOTH.

However, to receive both, you will need exactly the type of personal injury law firm that understands the importance of BOTH timeliness and thoroughness. An effective legal strategy and preparation require both in the approach to each and every case. Spur-of-the-moment legal assessment and advice regarding your case are, at best, haphazard; yet, waiting for a week or more for any feedback on a legal situation/potential case is no better. In short, it likely means that you might as well look for someone else.

The mark of a good Chicago accident law firm is the creation of a balance between these two – timeliness and thoroughness – in operation. Every case, no matter how “routine,” calls for some degree of research. It is simply necessary to provide a response that is well-informed and accurate. While this takes time, allowing too much time to slip past is just as detrimental to your case’s overall health. Trust in your Chicago personal injury law firm to maintain both these aspects of legal practice in mind and in balance.

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