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What a Bettendorf Personal Injury Lawyer Wants You to Know

Bettendorf Personal Injury Lawyer

When you initially suffer an injury, your first reaction is no doubt to go to a physician or the hospital and get medical care for the harm you’ve suffered.

Then, you may start thinking about treatment options, especially if your injuries are serious. Hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitation all may follow.

Once you’re released back home, the bills will start pouring in, and you’ll begin to focus on how you’ll pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. 

It is at this point that you may begin to think about the possibility of a personal injury claim, assuming someone else was to blame for your accident. 

At the office of VanDerGinst Law, our Bettendorf, Iowa attorneys will work hard to get you the settlement you deserve.

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What Types of Accidents Result in Personal Injury Cases? 

A cause of action for a claim exists when one party’s negligence leads to the harm of another. As such, there are numerous types of personal injury case types that exist. 

Our lawyers are skilled in various personal injury practices areas, and can assist you in navigating the following types of cases:

If you have been injured in an accident that you don’t see listed above, please still call our Bettendorf personal injury lawyers today – our law firm has experience handling all types of injury claims.

Common Personal Injuries and Damages 

Any of the above accident and case types listed can result in serious injuries. We primarily work with victims of serious or catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, bone fractures, and soft tissue injuries. We also help those who have suffered psychological injuries, such as PTSD or depression, as a result of their accident. 

We know that when a serious accident occurs, physical and psychological injuries are not the only results. In addition to injuries, you may be facing high medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, permanent disability or scarring or disfigurement, loss of quality of life, and other economic and noneconomic damages. 

Our priority is to fight for you to get you the settlement you deserve. 

Who Will Pay for My Injuries?

Determining who will pay for your injuries following an accident is critical. 

If another person’s negligence (the failure to exercise the proper degree of care expected in a specific situation) was the proximate cause of your injuries, then you can hold that person liable for the full value of your damages. 

Note that most personal injury claims are not paid out-of-pocket by the defendant; instead, the defendant’s liability insurance usually pays for damages. If the defendant does not carry insurance, then recovering the compensation award that you deserve may prove more complicated. 

This is one of the primary reasons why working with a lawyer is necessary – our lawyers will dig deep to identify all potentially liable parties and improve your chances of recovering the settlement you deserve. 

Statute of Limitations on a Bettendorf Personal Injury Claim

If you are filing a personal injury claim, it is best to start the process as soon as possible. Immediately after your accident, you should file a police report (if appropriate), provide notice to the party responsible for your accident (e.g. a property owner), seek medical care, and document as much as you can about the incident. You should then provide the at-fault party’s insurance carrier with notice. 

If your claim is not settled out of court via negotiations, you may consider filing a lawsuit. 

If so, you must file your suit within two years from the date of your accident/injuries. If you fail to file your lawsuit within the two-year time limit, you can be permanently barred from recovery. 

If you are filing a claim against a government entity, the statute of limitations is reduced to one year. 

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Being seriously injured can be both shocking and life-changing, and filing a personal injury claim on your own without legal representation can be intimidating and overwhelming. 

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