True or False: a personal injury law quiz

True or False: a personal injury law quiz

When pursuing a Chicago personal injury claim, it is almost certain that you will encounter difficulties, in one form or another. The type of case, degree and nature of the injuries which resulted from the incident or accident in question, as well as the very logistics and procedures in filing your case may all have influence. Clearly, then, it is extremely beneficial to be familiar with some of the basics of personal injury claims.

Look through the following and see if you can tell what is true and what is false.

True or False? You must go to court to receive compensation for your injuries.

False: The court system is not the only way to obtain compensation. In fact, it should be considered something of a last resort. The reality is that most personal injury claims do not make it as far as litigation; most cases are settled privately instead. Plaintiffs and insurance companies prefer this, as it is cheaper and more cost efficient for all involved.

True or False? Personal injury claims are complicated and time-consuming.

False: For the most part, cases are settled within about 12 months. It is true that cases can be drawn-out – particularly those with liability as a central issue – but this is far from the norm. In addition to liability, the other most common complicating factor is a serious and severe injury. If you are looking to minimize the incidence of delays, and complications, be sure to hire a competent personal injury attorney, who will keep your case on track.

True or False? Always solicit legal advice (from a licensed attorney) in any insurance company negotiation.

True: Simple economics means that it is in the interest of insurance companies to settle for less money. To ensure that this motivation does not lead to your settlement being less than you deserve, always consult a Chicago attorney.

True or False? Awards for damage (compensation) are just: you will receive what you deserve and should not approach a case looking for easy money.

True: Though this is in opposition to popular culture, it is true. Whether your compensation is negotiated as a settlement or awarded by the court, it will be based directly on your financial and non-financial (e.g. pain and suffering) damages.

True or False? Personal injury litigation creates a “compensation culture,” a society with unhealthy feelings of entitlement and a propensity toward suing.

False: While it cannot be denied that offering all citizens a path of recourse in the event of genuine injustice opens the door for others to attempt abuse on the system, the actual amount of abuse is greatly exaggerated in the popular media. It is a small price to pay to preserve justice for those with true claims to compensation.

True or False? If a worker who is injured on the job files suit against his/her employer, he/she is protected by law from retaliation (e.g. being fired).

True: Without question, in such cases, the law is firmly on the side of workers. However, too often this is not known by wronged workers, who then choose not to pursue litigation for fear of being fired.

True or False? To win your personal injury case, you must not pursue medical treatment of your injuries until the case is settled.

False: Not only is it illogical to prioritize litigation above physical and emotional treatment and recovery after an injury, but, ongoing, regular medical treatment will actually create expert documentation of the injury and necessary treatment, which will likely be of use in your case.

True or False? It is virtually impossible to win a claim against big companies and their deep pockets.

False: Both federal and state law ensure the protection, safety, and justice of all individuals and organizations. Violators of those laws, big or small, are subject to penalty.

True or False? It is in your best interest to pursue your case with the guidance of an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer.

True: Competent legal counsel may be the single greatest factor in winning your case. There is simply no substitute for the expertise and knowledge of a personal injury attorney.

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