Debunking the Chicago Medical Malpractice Crisis

That there is a current crisis in Chicago medical malpractice law is rarely disputed. Attorneys, medical professionals, and even the average person on the street know of the rampant overuse and abuse of the medical malpractice laws currently underway in our courts. Equally well-known are the results: clogged court dockets, wasted tax dollars, and a steady decline in the confidence of the average citizen in the legal system of this country.

It is all well-known except for one fact: it’s not true.

However, what is true is statistically verified: the mistakes and malpractice of medical professionals account for a shocking number of deaths each year – more, even, than auto accidents. It has been demonstrated by recent research that nearly all medical malpractice lawsuits filed in this country have merit, being based on the injury or death of an innocent person as the result of a serious and significant error in medical care. This contrasts sharply with the popular idea that most medical malpractice lawsuits are the product of trial lawyers’ imaginations (and, some would say, avarice). How then can we account for this pervasive belief?

This idea has been effectively disseminated by the insurance industry. In the hope of prompting “reform” which includes stricter limits on the eligibility criteria for filing a case, insurance interests have successfully affected public opinion. Part of that opinion includes the now-entrenched, overarching public perception that the proposed reforms to medical malpractice laws would be aimed at curbing the activity of overenthusiastic attorneys and “frivolous” lawsuits. In fact, the primary beneficiaries of such reform would be insurance companies who provide malpractice insurance to medical professionals. By tightening malpractice filing criteria, they will reduce the number of cases, the number of settlements and pay outs, and, ultimately, the company’s expenses.

It is clear to see who stands to gain. Who stands to lose? The average citizen, of course. When outlined in clear terms, would any of us favor limiting the legal options of those affected by the phenomenon of medical malpractice, which kills more individuals than auto accidents? Factoring in the recent findings that virtually all medical malpractice cases have merit and are not frivolous, the choice is a no-brainer. Our medical malpractice laws are essential for maintaining checks and balances in our medical system, as well as offering an avenue to justice for those affected. So don’t be fooled, and don’t be hesitant to exercise your rights if you’ve been the victim of a medical mistake.

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