Jamie Bellagamba


  • Jamie Bellagamba

    Jamie Bellagamba

    Jamie Bellagamba started her career with VanDerGinst Law in April of 2020. She has extensive marketing, communications, and brand management experience from various industries including manufacturing, transportation, and software development. As Chief Marketing Officer for VanDerGinst Law, Ms. Bellagamba combines her knowledge of strategic marketing initiatives as well as her people-first leadership approach to oversee…

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  • Cece Canada

    Cece Canada

    Cece has been with VanDerGinst since July 2019. Cece works directly with our Chief Operations Officer and handles the supervision of our intake department and HR related matters. When needed, she also interprets for Spanish speaking clients and has translated some of the materials our firm uses. Outside work, Cece loves to spend time with…

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  • Kitka Galvin

    Kitka Galvin

    Kitka Galvin has been with VanDerGinst Law since March 2019. She was previously the Criminal and General Practice Paralegal to her husband, attorney Michael Galvin, held the position of attorney and president Dennis VanDerGinst’s legal assistant, and has recently moved to the position of Specialty Case Manager. Outside of work, Kitka is a coach/instructor at…

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  • Melanie Weires

    Melanie Weires

    Melanie Weires brings over 15 years of business experience in highly regulated industries, including banking and insurance, to VanDerGinst Law. She combines her education and work experience to bring a highly-skilled, integrated, and strategic approach to all aspects of the firm. Mrs. Weires graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clarke College (now Clarke University) in Dubuque,…

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  • Drew Devore

    Drew Devore

    Drew Devore has been working for VanDerGinst Law for 11 years. Drew wears many different hats within the company. He coordinates with the marketing team to create and execute Graphic Design efforts, monitors and maintains all aspects of IT, and continuously works on web development to keep our site looking current and remain user-friendly. Drew…

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  • Cara Wangler

    Cara Wangler

    Cara Wangler began her career in the law industry at the age of 23 as a Legal Assistant to the now Chief Judge of Rock Island County, Walter Braud. When Walter Braud retired, she became the Assistant Office Manager and took on the duties of managing daily receipts, paying client costs, reviewing statutes, handling basic…

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  • Dennis VanDerGinst

    Dennis VanDerGinst

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Attorney Dennis VanDerGinst is the President/CEO of VanDerGinst Law. He supervises all cases within the firm. His primary practice focus is on all areas of personal injury litigation, including but not limited to, general negligence cases, product liability, medical malpractice and mass/class actions. Mr. VanDerGinst received his law degree from…

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