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Boating is a popular recreational activity in Illinois and Iowa.

Many people enjoy spending an afternoon out on the river or on one of our many lakes, soaking up the sun or drinking with friends.

Unfortunately, boating accidents continue to occur, leaving too many people badly injured or sometimes even dead.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, or if a loved one has died, you may be able to receive compensation from the party responsible for the accident.

Reach out to an experienced lawyer today for a review of your case.

Boating Accident Cases We Handle

We have extensive experience with different types of boating accidents, including:

Negligent boating accidents. The operator of a vessel could have been careless and injured people by:

  • Running the vessel aground
  • Slamming into another vessel through careless navigation
  • Going out in bad weather
  • Neglecting to have proper safety equipment onboard the boat

Reckless boating accidents. Sometimes, the accident is not the result of carelessness but of reckless behavior. Common examples include:

  • Striking a wave at an excessive rate of speed
  • Ramming another boat
  • Taking risks that capsize the boat or lead to a collision

Boating While Intoxicated. Just as it is against the law to operate a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol, it is illegal to operate a boat in the same manner.

Operators can easily become impaired after a few drinks with the hot sun beating down on them. An impaired motorist is more likely to be negligent or reckless, and boating under the influence is an especially egregious crime.

How We Can Help Your Case

You need adequate evidence to bring a claim for compensation against the boat operator or the boat owner.

In many cases, you will need:

  • Testimony from other passengers about what happened
  • Physical evidence from the boat itself
  • Reports from the authorities that investigated the accident
  • Medical records that show the extent of your injuries
  • Results of any chemical tests, if they were performed on the operator
  • Records from the boat owner, such as a history of maintenance

These cases take quite a bit of work—all the while you are injured and in need of focusing on getting better.

This is where an experienced lawyer can come in.

One of our attorneys will collect all the evidence of your boating accident to make a successful claim for compensation.

We can also negotiate with insurance companies or boating companies for a fair settlement for your injuries.

If necessary, we are prepared to file a lawsuit in the correct jurisdiction to recover compensation for your injuries.

Speak with a Boating Accident Lawyer Today

A lazy afternoon out on the water can turn to tragedy far faster than most people realize.

If you have been injured, contact VanDerGinst Law today.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about all aspects of boat accident law and have obtained millions of dollars for our clients. We can spring into action to protect your rights to compensation.

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