Why is My Personal Injury Case Taking So Long?

Personal Injury Cases Can Take Time to Resolve

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If you’ve been injured it can sometimes feel like time is standing still, especially if you’re trying to obtain financial compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, the process to obtain compensation isn’t always quick or easy. We’ve outlined several key factors that play a role in determining how long it might take to obtain compensation for your personal injury claim.

1. Attorney Investigation and Information Gathering

It’s important to understand that investigating what happened and gathering all information is key to obtaining the maximum compensation for your claim. It can take weeks or even months to gather everything which can include, but is not limited to, your medical records and medical bills, property damage estimates and bills, police reports, witness statements, insurance policy information, lost wage information, etc. At VanDerGinst Law, we handle all the information gathering and investigation for you and we have trained support staff that understands what is needed to maximize the recovery in your claim.

2. Maximum Medial Improvement

In some cases, when you hire an attorney to help you with your claim you may still be receiving medical treatment for your injuries. It is often necessary and in your best interest to wait until your treatment has concluded or you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) before settling or moving your case to trial. MMI describes when you reach a point in your treatment that you are totally recovered, or your injury or disability cannot be improved any further. VanDerGinst Law will work with you and carefully monitor where you are in your treatment and recovery process.

3. Uncooperative Defendant

It should come as no surprise that the responsible party and their insurance company likely don’t want to admit fault or pay for your injuries.  Even if they agree to pay, they usually do not want to pay the full value of your claim. Often the other side may be uncooperative, such as delaying or refusing to make payments, sending needed documents, or responding to you. This could cause a delay or even prevent you from obtaining adequate compensation. Luckily at VanDerGinst Law, we have extensive experience in dealing with these types of situations to get you the compensation you deserve in the timeliest manner possible.

4. Problems with the Case

Often in personal injury cases, there may be difficulty in determining who is at fault for your injuries or proving that all your injuries were caused by the other party’s negligence. Without representation by an experienced attorney, this may cause a delay or even prevent you from getting compensation for your injuries since an insurance company may refuse to offer a settlement. At VanDerGinst Law, we have experience in investigating and documenting these important parts of your case. We will honestly communicate with you about all the issues in your case and how they can be resolved.

5. Large Sums of Money at Stake

If you have a case that could potentially involve a large settlement, the insurance company will try to pay as little as possible. This could delay any settlement offer or getting your case to trial. This type of delay is a known tactic used by insurance companies, especially when someone has been severely injured.  The insurance company knows that a severely injured person needs compensation as soon as possible and may delay the case, hoping the injured person will accept far less than the case is worth. VanDerGinst Law has experience settling and trying multi-million dollar personal injury cases so we are very familiar with this tactic and are prepared to handle any such situation.

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