Our Vision: Personal Injury Lawyer TV Commercial

Video Transcript:

I was the first in my family to ever go to college. When I started college, I didn’t have any aspirations to go into law school. When I got to law school, I immediately fell in love with the idea of practicing law. I like the idea of helping people that had no place to turn. In many instances, these people didn’t know that they could hire an attorney to help them. We never represent insurance companies, we only represent people. So we want to make sure that there is never a conflict of interest that exists in our office.

There are instances where someone has been injured and as a result, they’re unable to work. Thousands of dollars in medical bills piling up. They’re left with no alternatives but to pursue compensation from the insurance company that represents the responsible party. And that’s what we do. We represent the injured party.

I think a lot of people tend to think of attorneys as being high priced. We’re happy to explore your case before you commit to retaining us. The consultation is always free. We represent people without them having to come out of pocket. They don’t pay us unless we are successful in getting them compensation for the injuries that they have incurred. Our mission statement is to help people both in and outside of the courtroom. In the courtroom, we help people who have been injured.

Outside the courtroom our mission is to help those people who are least able to help themselves. I know what it’s like to struggle. My parents were not well off. They taught me to be grateful for and appreciate everything that came my way. And I think a lot of our clients are the same way. They tend to say things like, “I’m not the kind of person who would sue someone”. The insurance industry is always a trillion dollar industry. They’re going to get theirs.

It just makes sense that you would have an attorney working for you as well. A good injury lawyer is one who does the research, who does the investigation, who puts in the time with the clients. We know what we’re doing. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years and we have been very successful on behalf of our injury clients.

We’ve represented literally tens of thousands of injured victims in Illinois, Iowa and actually throughout the country.



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