Car Accidents? We Can Help!

A car accident, again, is like any other personal injury case that we do. We start with an investigation. We gather the police report. We try to determine what types of insurance are available.

And again, people don’t usually understand that there’s more than one type of insurance that we can look for to help in the recovery. Then once the client is done treating, we’ll order their medical records.

We’ll determine whether there’s any disability beyond the initial injuries. We’ll decide whether we need to hire experts to develop and explain further that disability.

And then we typically make a demand on the insurance company to try to settle the case. If we can’t solve the case, then we will discuss litigation options.

Again, I would encourage you, don’t wait and give us a call. But if you’ve been in an accident and there’s been physical injury and you’ve had to have any level of medical treatment, even if it’s just a single E.R. visit, you should at least call us.


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Our Vision at VanDerGinst Law
In the courtroom, we help people who have been injured. Outside the courtroom our mission is to help those people who are least able to help themselves.

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