Defective Medical Devices: Personal Injury Lawyer TV Commercial

If you spend any time online or watching TV, you’ve likely seen many attorney ads about dangerous pharmaceuticals or medical devices which have been alleged to cause illness, injury, even death.

The problems these ads discuss are real. The opportunity for compensation for those who have been injured is real as well. But how do you know which law firm should help you? Most of the lawyers you see in those ads are headquartered somewhere far away. That’s not to suggest that they can’t help you.

But VanDerGinst Law is right here in your community. We’ve made an investment in this area and can meet with you in person. Plus, we have the experience necessary to help you with any potentially dangerous drug or medical device.

If we’re not handling a particular type of case, there are other firms that we’ve researched and vetted to whom we can confidently refer. For an ongoing list of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices, visit or simply give us a call at 800-960-VLAW.


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