Get Help With Your Covid-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Your insurance company may not think that your business interruption insurance clause covers compensation for Covid-19, but we can provide help to see if you actually qualify for compensation.

We are helping businesses across the country who:
– Have a business interruption insurance clause in their Business Owner’s Insurance Policy
– Have experienced a Covid-19 business closure or other financial setback or hardship due to mandatory restrictions and stay-at-home orders
– Are wondering what is happening with business interruption claims

If you are ready to see if we can help with your business interruption insurance Covid-19 claim, you can start the process by visiting:

You will be redirected to our partner website where you can submit information about your business interruption insurance Covid-19 claim.

While VanDerGinst Law usually practices in Personal Injury Cases, we are a small business ourselves and have heard of businesses being denied their
business interruption Covid-19 claims.

We don’t think it’s right for insurance companies to do this to small businesses in such a hard and trying time, and have taken it upon ourselves to see if we can help businesses like you by taking a closer look at your business owner’s insurance policy. We would be honored to negotiate for compensation on your behalf.

As with our personal injury claims, if you hire us and don’t get compensation for your business interruption insurance Covid-19 claim, you don’t owe us a dime.

Please fill out our simple form, tell us a little bit about your business, financial loss, and your policy, and we will see what we can do for you.

We would be honored to help.


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