VanDerGinst Files Additional Hepatitis A Cases

Tuesday, October 6, VanDerGinst Law filed five more lawsuits on behalf of individuals who contracted the Hepatitis A virus due to exposure at the Milan McDonald’s restaurant.  Defendants in the lawsuits are McDonald’s Corporation and the local franchise owner, JKLM, Inc. The lawsuits allege that the Defendants are liable for damages to the Plaintiffs based upon legal theories of negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty.  These lawsuits come on the heels of six previous lawsuits filed last week by VanDerGinst Law.  The law firm is also investigating on behalf of an additional six clients who may have valid claims. Of the twenty nine reported cases of Hepatitis A alleged to have originated from the Milan McDonald’s, VanDerGinst Law is representing twenty claimants.