Hepatitis A Lawsuits Filed

Wednesday, September 30th VanDerGinst Law filed six lawsuits on behalf of individuals who contracted the Hepatitis A Virus. The complaints allege that the exposure to the virus occurred at the Milan McDonald’s restaurant. The named defendants are McDonald’s Corp and JKLM, Inc., the local franchise owner. The lawsuits allege three theories of liability: negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty.

Each plaintiff was damaged in different ways and to differing extents. All have incurred medical expenses. Some have had protracted hospital stays. Some have incurred lost wages. All have suffered the pain and misery that accompanies the virus. Many, if not all, are exposed to further complications as a result of exposure, including the possibility of having to have their gallbladder removed.

The lawsuits were filed in order to protect the plaintiffs’ rights to a reasonable resolution to their claims and so that further discovery can be accomplished. The law firm is hopeful that the Defendants will accept their responsibility in this matter and that ultimately these lawsuits can be amicably resolved. Article on Quad City Times.