Should I Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are ever injured as a result of the actions or negligence of others, you will probably ask yourself: “Do I need to hire an attorney to represent me?” The answer to that question is yes. An attorney specializing in personal injury law has the experience and knowledge to protect your interests and obtain a fair and equitable settlement for you. Most insurance companies will agree that those people who are represented by an attorney will receive a larger settlement and better care than those trying to handle their claim on their own. It is a fact that insurance companies want to settle each claim as cheaply as possible and those people who do not hire an attorney will most likely receive a lower offer of settlement.

In a personal injury claim, you have to present your injury, the extent of your injury, the necessity of your medical care and treatment, any permanency or disability, the amount of bills incurred as a result of your medical care and treatment, and lost wages. The insurance company will try to minimize all of these things when evaluating the claim in an attempt to keep the settlement offer as low as possible. A personal injury attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to your benefit. The personal injury attorney, through knowledge and relationship with the insurance company, will not only prevent the insurance company from taking advantage of you, but will obtain the best possible settlement for you.

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury, property or other damages due to the actions or negligence of another, call VanDerGinst Law at 1-866-843-7367 or click here for a FREE online case evaluation. The initial consultation is free of charge. If we agree to handle your injury case, we will work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we get paid for our services only if and when there is a money recovery for you. In many cases a lawsuit must be filed before an applicable expiration date, known as a statute of limitations. So please call right away to ensure that you do not waive your right to possible compensation.