Drake Law school is located in the heartland, Iowa’s capital city of Des Moines. They pride themselves on being the nation’s only First-Year law school to have a Trial Practicum, and the only law school in the area.

Drake has a top-ranked legal clinic, and is proud of the fact that 100% of their law school faculty have legal practice experience.

The law school was founded in 1865, making it one of the 25 oldest law schools in the country.

The law school was established by Iowa Supreme Court justices George Wright and Chester Cole – whose mission was to “teach law in proximity to the courts so students could witness the law in action”, and today Drake Law School continues to build on that foundation and focuses on real and practical experience at the core of their curriculum.

They offer both a Summer and Fall start for their Juris Doctor (JD) program; and also offer both a Master of Law (LLM) and a Master of Jurisprudence (MJ).

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