Conair InfinitiPro Hair Styler, Series 259Y

conair infiniti pro hair styler series 259y

If you use a hair dryer, you may want to check the make and model number.

VanDerGinst Law has filed a class action lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Conair Corporation seeking to recover damages for injuries sustained while using its InfinitiPro Hair Styler, Series 259Y.

The lawsuit alleges that Conair Corporation was aware of defects in the product which cause it to spark and/or catch fire and that it failed to warn users of the defect or the potential for injury.

Both named Plaintiffs in the lawsuit were injured while using the product.

Our complaint alleges that the InfinitiPro Conair Hair Styler, Series 259Y has caused our clients serious burns.

Injuries Sustained by Our Clients

While using the hair dryer for its intended purpose, our clients experienced substantially similar incidents/injuries. Both were blow drying their hair, the dryer started to spark, and it caused a burn to both of their forearms.

The complaint alleges that the Dryers malfunctioned even though they were equipped with “safety plugs” designed to recognize a change in the electrical current.

In each case the “safety plugs” did not prevent the dryer from sparking and causing injury.

Conair’s Duty to Provide a Safe Hair Dryer

The complaint alleges that the InfinitiPro Hair Styler, series 259Y was defective and unreasonably dangerous in one or more of the following respects:

  • Was designed and/or manufactured in such a way as to allow it to spark and catch fire;
  • the line cord that connects the cord to the dryers would break down prematurely due to defective design/manufacturing creating arching and/or sparks which can lead the device to catch fire;
  • Was designed and/or manufactured in such a way as to cause the “safety plug,” (designed to recognize a change in the electrical current) to malfunction; and/or
  • Failed to provide sufficient and adequate instructions and/or warnings to consumers or users of the dryer with respect to hazards inherent in its use including but not limited to the reasonable possibility that it could spark and/or cause a fire.

The complaint additionally alleges that Conair was well aware of these defects and that the defects posed a serious safety hazard, but concealed that information from consumers to make a profit, to maintain an edge over its competitors, and to place consumers under the false belief that its products were safe.

Have You Been Injured by the Conair InfinitiPro Hair Styler, Series 259Y?

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