PFAS – Perfluoraoalkyl Substances

What is PFAS?

Perfluoroalkyl Substances.  “Forever Chemicals” that cannot be broken down by current water filtration plants, resulting in contaminated drinking water almost nationwide.  They are “probable” carcinogens developed by the Navy in the 1960’s.


Where does PFAS come from?

Primarily from AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam), or better known as fire fighting foam.  Military bases are especially affected, as are airports.  The foam is absorbed into the ground and bind with the soil contaminating the water.  Every time it rains, the rain water can push the chemicals into bodies of water and underground aquifers.


PFAS chemicals have almost unbreakable bonds.

Obviously, the fire fighters are the most exposed and recently it became known that the fire fighters gear also contains PFAS.  Firefighters have a rate of cancer incidence 60% higher than an average person.


What types of cancer?

Thyroid, liver, kidney, bladder, testicular are at the top of the list, along with other illnesses, but I would just sign the cancer cases and at this juncture all cancers…..not just the top cancers I’ve listed here.


Lawsuits to Date

We have been working on PFAS cases for over a decade.  In recent years we have signed firefighters who were exposed.  In addition, the States Attorney General has filed suit in 20 states regarding the contamination of drinking water and likely more states and municipalities will do the same.

On Monday of this week, the City of Stuart, Florida was to have gone to trial against 3M, but instead, the trial has been continued for three weeks and the defendant claims they are close to a settlement.

Given that the EPA (in March of this year), proposed national drinking water standards for six PFAS compounds, with enforceable contaminate levels, the evidence in Stuart must have been pretty damning.  The evidence and number of experts was overwhelming.

The White House has also involved not only the EPA, but also the FDA and the CDC, along with other agencies to oversee this matter.

It is estimated by the government that just to clean up the 34 military bases it would cost $30 billion dollars.

To give you a little contrast, 3M has offered $10 billion to settle the municipality claims.  This obviously won’t be enough, but there are plenty of other defendants who can pony up some additional cash.

On June 2, 2023, Chemours, DuPont and Corteva agreed to pay $1.185 billion to a fund for the municipalities as well.  These companies manufacture products used in non-stick and grease resistant products like non-stick cookware.

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