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Burn injuries can be extremely painful and traumatic, especially if they were caused by a defective product or by the negligence of another person. The American Burn Association estimates that over one million burns requiring medical attention occur every year in the united states. Most burn injuries are caused by automobile accidents, gas or other flammable liquid explosions, hot or scalding water, electrical accidents, industrial accidents, building fires, gasoline spills, defective candles, and lighters or matches. If you have suffered a burn injury in an accident, it is vital to contact a Quad Cities Personal Injury Attorney from VanDerGinst Law to help protect your legal rights.

The injuries sustained can range from minor to severe, often referred to in “degrees” of severity. The most common types of burns result in either a first, second, or third-degree injury, although the most severe burn is a sixth-degree injury. the following list describes what constitutes each type of injury, from the most minor (first-degree) to a catastrophic (sixth-degree) burn.

  • First-degree: the skin is generally red at the site of the burn and shows some white plaque. the victim feels some minor pain at the injury site.
  • Second-degree: in addition to the symptoms of a first-degree burn, a second-degree burn will fill with clear fluid and involve some blistering. the dermis and the deep, or reticular, dermis layer of skin may be affected and the injured person may feel more or less pain depending on the level of nerve involvement.
  • Third-degree: the skin has been damaged to the point of being charred, producing leather-like scabs called eschars. Purple fluid is often present and pain is relatively low or non-existent because the nerves surrounding the injury have been destroyed.
  • Fourth-degree: these burns affect the muscles and bones and the skin is unable to be repaired.
  • Fifth-degree: muscles are destroyed by the burn.
  • Sixth-degree: all tissue is destroyed and the bone has been charred.

After the Burn Injury

Even though there are many ways a burn injury can occur, the symptoms listed above are generally applicable whether the injury was caused by liquid, electricity, or another agent. Unfortunately, if a burn of any type covers a large portion of the body, death can result. The chances of survival are markedly increased if the victim is treated at a burn center rather than a general hospital. The aftermath of a burn injury can be improved by seeking the assistance of a specialist as well.

Healthcare professionals know that the first 48 hours after the injury are the most critical for survival and recovery. one of the biggest threats burn victims face is the possibility of infection, but the fluid loss is also a potential problem. For this reason, doctors will push electrolytes, fluids, antibiotics, and a tetanus vaccination during the initial treatment after a burn. Once the patient has been stabilized, the wounds are cleaned and covered.

Severe burns may require a skin graft if there is not enough healthy skin to cover the wound. Skin graft operations involve risks, however, and those who have severe injuries may not be strong enough or have enough healthy skin to donate for the graft. science has been making some strides in this area recently and does provide some options for patients who are unable to use their own skin.

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