Airplane Accidents

Airplane Accidents Attorney

airplane accidents

Though infrequent, airplane accidents are bound to happen because commercial airplanes carry over nine million passengers each year. As more people choose air travel for business and leisure trips, the probability of an airplane accident increases. To minimize the potential for airplane accidents, the commercial aviation industry must abide by regulations for common carriers.

A common carrier is a mode of transportation for people or cargo that results in compensation. This includes buses, trains, and airplanes. Common carriers are governed by federal and state regulations different from those governing private transportation. Generally, they are held to a higher safety standard because the operators must have the necessary training to safely transport passengers and cargo.

Investigating the Accident

When an airplane accident happens, the first priority is to investigate the cause of the accident. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the cause if there was significant damage done to the aircraft. Evidence of mechanical failure or pilot error can be lost if most of the airplane was destroyed. Design flaws, mechanical failures, extreme weather conditions, and pilot error can all contribute to airplane accidents. It is possible to determine the likelihood of legal action against the responsible parties once all the available evidence has been analyzed.

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