I Feel Fine After My Accident, Should I See a Doctor?

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If you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault and it was serious enough that you believe you may have been injured, you should seek a medical evaluation from a qualified physician even if you aren’t currently showing symptoms.

Whether the accident involved slipping and falling or a vehicle collision, injuries can sometimes take days or even weeks to become apparent. Sometimes, even if you are showing some symptoms of injury, you may simply hope the pain will go away.

VanDerGinst Law has handled many cases where the injured party realizes after a week or two that the injuries are more serious than initially thought and then seek medical attention.

If you wait to seek medical attention, an insurance company may use this to argue that you weren’t that injured, or your injuries were not from the accident.

They can sometimes reduce or deny your claim based on this information.

Seeking a medical evaluation and the opinion of a medical professional will establish:

  • 1) Your condition immediately or shortly after an accident
  • 2) Determine the nature and extent of any injuries
  • 3) Start you on a path to recovery.

A medical evaluation is usually necessary to successfully pursue a claim for your injuries, even if it does seem like a hassle.

Without an immediate medical evaluation, it’s often difficult to prove causation later.

But most importantly, you want to ensure your recovery and continued health.

Why do you sometimes feel fine after an accident?

Adrenaline, or epinephrine, is a hormone that is responsible for the body’s fight or flight response.

When you are in an accident, especially a car accident, your body can trick you into feeling less pain or no pain at all immediately afterward. You may not begin to show symptoms until 24 hours after the accident.

It’s usually at that time that you may feel that the pain will go away in time, so you wait which can be a mistake.

How soon should I see a doctor?

You want to ensure your recovery and continued health; therefore, you should seek a medical evaluation from a qualified physician within three days of an accident but if you can be seen sooner that is preferred.

The risk for concussion and/or internal bleeding can be very high after an accident so the sooner you can be seen, the better.

What kind of doctor should I see after an accident?

Your Regular Doctor

If your injuries are not believed to be serious and/or life-threatening, scheduling an appointment with your regular medical physician is the recommended course of action after your car accident.

They may refer you to a specialist if your injuries require additional or specialized treatment such as a physical therapist.

It is important to note that massage and chiropractic can be a very important part of your treatment and recovery, however, it is imperative that your care is being directed by a medical physician.

An Urgent Care Doctor

If your injuries are moderate to serious and an urgent care facility is available, you may want to report their first for an evaluation.

The urgent care staff can evaluate your condition and provide treatments or, if appropriate, a referral to an emergency room.

The cost of treatment at an urgent care facility is far less than the cost of treatment at an emergency room.

Head to the Emergency Room

If your injuries are serious and/or life-threatening, you should immediately seek medical attention at the emergency room.

If you have severe injuries and are offered transportation to an emergency room via ambulance, it is important that you accept. Paramedics can access your condition on the scene, and if they deem it necessary that you have emergency care and you refuse transportation, your personal injury claim can be in jeopardy later as defense will say your injuries were not severe since you refused the ride.

The emergency room can determine if you have a medical emergency and treat accordingly.

If you do not have a medical emergency, they will only provide basic medication such as muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories and the cost for an emergency room visit can be very high.

If you go to either an urgent care facility or the emergency room, you will want to follow-up with your regular medical care provider.

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Make sure that you are seeking the appropriate medical care after your accident, even if you feel fine at the time.

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