Textured Breast Implants

Textured Breast Implants

Many people in the United States have breast implants, but
many are not aware that textured breast implants could pose a heightened risk
of cancer and other serious side effects. Implant manufacturers Mentor
Worldwide, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, and Allergan are accused of
marketing and selling implants that cause cancer and other serious problems,
specifically the rare cancer known as breast implant-associated anaplastic
large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Who is affected?

Women who have had breast implants manufactured by Allergan,
Mentor Worldwide, and/or other companies are at risk for serious side effects.
“A recent study published in JAMA Oncology…found that silicone breast implants
with a textured surface are 400-times more likely to cause a rare type of
cancer compared to silicone breast implants with a smooth surface,” says Mass
Tort Nexus.

The FDA has also asked Allergan to recall their Biocell
textured breast implants as they are six times more likely than other brands to
cause BIA-ALCL. Allergan has complied with this by pulling Biocell breast
implants from all markets as a precaution, however, several lawsuits are
claiming that Allergan knew about the link between their textured implants and
BIA-ALCL and continued to market their product without regard for its effects.

What are the possible side effects?

Possible side effects of these breast implants are the rare
breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). You may
experience lymph node swelling, loss of appetite, fatigue, and fever. A doctor
can diagnosis BIA-ALCL. Additionally, side effects have been reported with Mentor
Worldwide’s breast implants including fatigue, hair loss, gastrointestinal
problems, rashes, and itching.

How Can You Be Compensated for Your Injuries?

If you have been harmed by textured breast implants, you may
be eligible for compensation. You could be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses, including removal of breast
  • Doctor’s appointments related to the procedure
  • Chemotherapy in the event of cancer
  • Financial loss including time off work
  • Pain and suffering

Were you injured by Allergan’s Textured Breast Implants?

If you were injured by
Allergan’s Textured Breast Implants or Johnson & Johnson’s Mentor
Worldwide’s breast implants, you may be eligible for compensation. Call
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