[Ranked] Most Dangerous Intersections in Cedar Rapids

Most Dangerous Intersections in Cedar Rapids
Data was pooled from 234 accidents in Cedar Rapids based on severity and plotted on the map.

Using data requested and received from the Iowa Department of Transportation which tracked accidents from 2014-2018, the VanDerGinst Law team put together an interactive map of vehicle crashes in Cedar Rapids that were ranked as the most severe in terms of fatalities and injuries.

The State of Iowa gives each crash a “Severity Index Rating” based on whether a fatality occurred and/or the seriousness of injuries sustained (major vs minor) in the accident.

The VanDerGinst Law team used this rating to rank and highlight the top 234 most severe crashes in Cedar Rapids.

This data highlights potential problem areas in and around the city.

Where are the Most Severe Crashes in Cedar Rapids?


Interstate 380 runs North and South through Cedar Rapids. The highway features several of the top 10 crashes by injury severity in the region.

Edgewood Rd

There have been numerous accidents along Edgewood Rd with varying degrees of injury severity including 5 accidents ranked in the top 50.

Vicinity of Wright Brothers Blvd & 6th St

In this vicinity, there were 6 crashes recorded. Of these, 4 were in the top 50 by severity index including one fatality crash.

Vicinity of 1st Ave West & 6th St

This area near the river sees frequent crashes, with several of them being in the top 50 by severity.

A Ave NE & 8th St NE

While the severity of the crashes at this intersection aren’t as bad as other places, the overall number of crashes in this vicinity is high.

1st Ave

Along 1st Ave both East and West of I-380, there were frequent crashes with varying degrees of severity.

Interactive Crash Map – Cedar Rapids

The VanDerGinst Law team simply took this data, ranked the crashes then plotted the points on the map below.

Click on each circle to view the number of fatalities, type and number of injuries, and the Severity Index Rank. The Severity Index Rank ranges from 1-231 as several crashes had the same rating. This rank will help you understand where each accident ranks in terms of severity when compared to all other crashes included in the study.

You can zoom in and out on the map for easier access and readability.

Key Takeaways

  • Accidents are most common downtown in more congested areas, but they are often less severe.
  • The most severe crashes tend to occur on I-380, especially close to the Cedar River as the highway curves.
  • Severe crashes are also common on straight stretches of road/highway.

In general, all citizens of Cedar Rapids can be more vigilant on the roads in and around the city. Watch your speed, drive defensively, and be on the lookout for other drivers and road hazards.

How Were Crashes Ranked?

The State of Iowa uses a “Severity Index” to measure crashes in the state. The higher the number, the worse the crash.

Points are assigned in the following manner:

  • Fatality – 200 Points
  • Serious Injury – 100 Points
  • Minor Injury – 10 Points
  • Possible Injury – 1 Point

The team at VanDerGinst Law used this ranking system to identify the top 234 crashes which were then highlighted on the interactive map.

Crashes with a rating of 10 or less were not included.

For the years pooled, 2014 to 2018, the city saw over 1,200 vehicle crashes total.

Most of these were less significant with minor or no injuries and therefore not highlighted.

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