Loyola University School of Law

Loyola University Chicago was established by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) as St. Ignatius College in 1870, the year before the Great Chicago Fire.

It was originally located on Chicago’s near South side, and later moved to what is now the Lake Shore Campus on Chicago’s North Side in 1908. St. Ignatius College was reorganized into Loyola University and the Lincoln College of Law (established by a group of prominent Chicago lawyers) became the Loyola University Law Department that same year.

They offer both full-time and part-time Juris Doctor programs.

Loyola University School of Law believes learning the law doesn’t end at the classroom door, and applying your knowledge in a real-world setting is a crucial component of your legal education.

They offer plenty of opportunities to enhance your experience and your career prospects while serving the community through renowned centers, institutes, and programs.

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