Negligent Security

Injuries Caused By the Company’s Negligence

Negligent Security Company

A business owner has a duty to provide a safe place for employees to work and customers to visit.

Since perpetrators of violent crimes are often not caught, victims will occasionally turn to the property owner for compensations for their injuries.

A recent study of premises security liability throughout the United States found that the main targets of these lawsuits were residential apartment building owners and hotel and motel owners.

Predictable Criminal Conduct

A landowner’s duty may arise when the criminal conduct of a third party is the foreseeable result of a landowner’s negligence.

When predictable criminal conduct of a third party is foreseeable or reasonably apparent, the landowner has a duty to prevent injuries to invitees.

If a business is in a high crime area, the landowner may be required to take special safety measures, such as hiring security personnel or installing security systems. failure to do so may result in liability.

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