May is Motorcycle Safety Month

One of our staff member’s family suffered a tremendous tragedy a few
years ago when a loved one was hit by a semi while riding his motorcycle in
rural Wisconsin. He was driving on a two-lane highway when the semi turned left
in front of him. He did the only thing he could, he ditched the bike sideways
and tried to slide under the trailer. Unfortunately, he was struck and killed
by the back tires. He always wore a helmet and safety gear, but it couldn’t
prevent what happened that day and he died almost instantly.

motorcycle accident

May is Motorcycle Safety Month so we’re offering tips for both
motorcyclists and vehicle drivers to help ensure everyone is safe on the road. Motorcyclists
have just as much right to use the road as any other vehicle so it’s important
that we’re all aware of what we can do to help ensure everyone goes home to
their families. Remember, it takes two to tango.

Tip #1

Motorcyclist Tip

Drive defensively, including within the speed limit, especially when
approaching intersections. It might be helpful to drive with your headlight on
at all times to help other drivers to see you.

Vehicle Driver Tip

Slow down and take your time to thoroughly check for motorcyclists, especially when entering the roadway and at intersections. When turning left, ensure there is enough time and space for the motorcyclist to clear the roadway before you initiate the left turn.

Tip #2

Motorcyclist Tip

Be on the lookout for potential hazards, such as roadkill, grass,
potholes, manhole covers, oil patches, and gravel while traveling. Other
drivers may not always know you’re slowing down for these if you don’t use your
brakes so also employing hand signals could be a good idea. 

Vehicle Driver Tip

Don’t follow motorcyclists too closely, always allow enough room between you and the motorcyclist in front of you. It’s your responsibility to ensure you can stop safely. Remember, a motorcyclist’s brake lights might not always be engaged when a motorcycle decelerates.

Tip #3

Motorcyclist Tip

Don’t weave in and out of traffic or drive up the center line. It’s
your responsibility to ensure you change lanes safely and position your bike
where other motorists can see you.

Vehicle Driver Tip

Always double-check your
blind spots, especially when changing lanes. Adjust your rear- and side-view
mirrors and use them properly but always, always check over your shoulder
before changing lanes.

Tip #4

Motorcyclist Tip

Wear your safety gear! Wearing a helmet is the #1 piece of safety gear
you should wear at ALL times, but you may also want to look into
abrasive-resistant jackets, gloves, and pants. AND you can never go wrong with
a good, sturdy pair of boots that go over the ankle and feature oil-resistant,
rubber-based composite soles for good grip. This equipment can help save your
life or prevent more serious injuries.

Vehicle Driver Tip

Stay in your lane. Motorcyclists have just as much right to use the road as everyone else including owning the entire space in the lane they are in. Do NOT encroach into the lane where a motorcyclist is and use your turn signal to inform not only motorcyclists but all other drivers of your intentions.

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