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It’s always scary when products are recalled that you frequently buy or that you’ve used before. However, it’s not always clear if the exact item you bought was the product recalled.

How do you find out if what you bought was recalled? How do you stay on top of recall notifications for things that might not show up in news headlines?

Let’s find out!

Where to Find Recall Notifications in the U.S.

The best place to find U.S. recalls is on the website Recalls.gov. This website lists recalls from federal agencies. You can also check out FDA.gov for non-meat food recalls or FSIS.USDA.gov for meat and egg related recalls.

If you know which manufacturer recalled a product, you can also search their website for recalls.

Lastly, you can search news outlets you follow for information in the headlines about recent recalls.

How to Find Out About New Recalls

There are several ways to find out about recent recalls for products you might use. Here are a few of the ways:


One easy way to stay on top of recalls is to get them sent directly to your email inbox. You can get notifications sent to you about recent recalls from recalls.gov.

Click here to sign up. If you’d prefer to get alerts from Google about recalls, you can create an alert on Google for the word “recall” which will then be sent directly to your Gmail account when new results appear.


Another way to keep up with recalls is by watching the news, reading articles online, or listening to the radio for information. With this method you might stumble across recalls after they happen, but you may not know about them immediately after they happen.

Social Media

If you’re on the social media platform Twitter, you can follow the U.S. FDA’s Recall account here and click the bell icon to get notifications when new recalls are posted. You can also follow groups on Facebook that share recent recalls. This method may not be as reliable as getting information straight from the FDA or the manufacturer.


Some items, especially those for babies and children, allow you to register with the manufacturer upon purchase to immediately be notified if a recall is released for the product.

This is a great way to make sure that you are keeping your children safe and not using recalled items unknowingly.

What to Do If a Product is Recalled

If you find out that a product that you own or use has been recalled, the manufacturer or the FDA will have specific instructions on what you should do with the product.

For instance, if you find out that a frozen food item you bought is recalled, the instructions given by the FDA may be to return or discard the item.

In another example, if you find out a prescription drug you take has been recalled, the manufacturer may say to not discontinue use until speaking with your doctor about the best course of action.

Each product recall is different which means there is not a catch all for what to do if a product is recalled. The best advice is to read the recall notification closely to find out what you need to do in that specific situation.

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