Valkyrie VanDerGinst


  • Valkyrie VanDerGinst

    Valkyrie VanDerGinst

    Valkyrie “Val”VanDerGinst is a  2 year old Pittie Mix who loves playing with her big brother, Thor, doing Zoomies in her house and snuggling with her Dad when he watches football games. She is a good girl and loves chews, bones and “Pup Cups”.

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  • Thor VanDerGinst

    Thor VanDerGinst

    Thor VanDerGinst is an English Mastiff /Husky  mix.  He is almost 5 years old and weighs in at about 135 pounds. However, he is certain he is a lap dog.😀❤️ He is a Mama’s Boy and loves to watch TV with her after a long day of playing, chasing his sister,Val and indulging in “Pup…

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  • Kim VanDerGinst

    Kim VanDerGinst

    Coming soon

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  • Adrienne Williams

    Adrienne Williams

    Coming Soon!

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  • Jim Stark

    Jim Stark

    Jim is a retired Davenport, Iowa Police Sergeant and has been with VanDerGinst Law since March 2020. During his 29 year career at the Davenport Police Department he spent time in the Patrol Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, and was assigned to the FBI for 4 years as a Special Federal Officer. He also spent…

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  • Jim Van Rycke

    Jim Van Rycke

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  • Veronica Fuentes

    Veronica Fuentes

    Veronica has been with VanDerGinst Law for nearly 4 years. Veronica is a Legal Assistant, Receptionist and Translator/Interpreter. When she is away from work, Veronica loves to be outdoors, enjoys reading, working out, traveling, and spending time with her kids.

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