Conflicts of Interest: Why Lawyers Can’t Represent All Passengers

Getting in a car accident is never a good thing, but it can get drastically more complicated if there are passengers in the car when it happens.

Not only are you worried about your own injuries, seeking medical attention, and if the accident is bad enough, filing a lawsuit, but you also have to worry about the wellbeing of your passenger.

If you’re the victim in an accident and your passenger is also seriously hurt, you may think that you are on the same side of a lawsuit, both being in the car that wasn’t at fault.

It’s important to know that this isn’t always the case.

Potential Conflicts in a Personal Injury Case

There are many variables at play that can make it difficult, if not impossible, to have the same lawyer representing you. You may also be on opposite ends of a lawsuit.

If you believe you are the victim in an accident and that you and your passenger will be on the same side, you may not know that there are instances where you may be at least partially at-fault as the driver.

This creates a messy situation where the insurance company may have a conflict of interest representing both of you.

A lawyer may also have a conflict of interest representing you both in the case.

You may even deal with a conflict of interest finding a lawyer if your chosen lawyer has previously represented the at-fault driver.

Let’s break these situations down a little bit more so they make more sense.

Insurance Company Conflicts of Interest

Insurance companies have a duty of loyalty to fairly serve those who hold a policy with them.

This duty becomes muddied when multiple parties in an accident have the same insurance carrier.

If the at-fault driver has the same insurance carrier as you, the resulting case is essentially the insurance company having to make a settlement on a policy against itself.

As a result, the insurance company will need to hire two separate lawyers to represent each policy as a different client, therefore alleviating the conflict of interest and making sure a fair settlement is given to the victim.

If you, as the driver of the host vehicle, have the same insurance as your passenger, the same will need to occur. The insurance company will need to hire separate lawyers for each policy to fairly represent all parties and not breach their duty of loyalty.

Alternatively, if your passenger is your dependent, none of the above should apply as you will all be covered under the same policy. Also, if you are at no fault in the accident, your policy will likely cover your passengers’ needs under the bodily injury liability portion of the policy.

Possible Lawyer Conflicts of Interest

Not only do you need to worry about the conflict of interest with insurance companies, but there is also a possible conflict of interest with lawyers.

It’s obvious that the same lawyer cannot represent you and the driver of the other vehicle. Lawyers need to practice the same duty of loyalty that insurance companies do and avoid these conflicts of interest to get the best result for their clients.

If you are seen as even partially at fault, it may also be difficult for the same lawyer to represent you and your passenger.

Your passenger may be placing some blame for their injuries on you, and thus a lawyer cannot represent both of those interests.

If the other driver is at fault, you and your passenger may seek to hire the same lawyer, but would need to sign an informed consent for dual representation. This means you both acknowledge you are being represented by the same lawyer in this case.

When in doubt, each person should retain their own attorney.

Lastly, a lawyer’s duty of loyalty not only extends to people they may represent in the current case but in past cases as well.

If anyone involved has been a past client of the lawyer you are seeking to hire, conflicts of interest may still arise as that duty of loyalty may still belong to the past client.

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