Chicago Construction Accidents

Chicago Construction Accidents

construction worker laying on ground while another working kneels over him

Construction work is, by nature, dangerous work. Chicago construction accidents, while in no way routine, are an undeniable part, or perhaps side effect, of the work itself. The scale of the average construction project, as well as the machines and materials that go into them, make human injury and casualty, unfortunately, all but inevitable. This is not new but has in fact been true for millennia, in construction projects from the pyramids to skyscrapers.

That said, the simple truth that Davenport construction injuries do occur should not resign us to them, either in the sense of vigilant prevention or pursuit of rectification. Any and all parties with involvement in any construction site or project share the weight of responsibility for the safety of each other, a responsibility which extends up and down the hierarchical chain of supervision. The standards and procedures of safety are fluid, evolving over the course of time. Consider old, black and white photos of construction projects in the past: workers on steel frameworks like tightrope walkers, unharnessed, at dizzying heights.

One particular advantage found in the intimacy in the understanding of construction work and its inherent risk by those very workers who do it is that techniques – design and construction – tend to progress and evolve beside their own safety procedures. That is, as innovation and invention occur within the industry, those developers are aware of the need for safety procedures to go hand-in-hand with any innovation.

However, safety procedures or not, in many construction projects, it is true to say that materials alone can carry significant risk simply by their volume, weight, and awkwardness. It is unavoidable.

No one knows this better than Chicago construction accident lawyers, who are in possession of the background and experience necessary to litigate with ease and confidence. Substantial precedence and legal history regarding construction accident law exist. A Chicago construction accident law firm – a good one, at least – has on its staff attorneys who know the law and how best to counsel those affected by construction accidents.

Any party involved in a construction site – coworkers, supervisors, contractors, subcontractors, even manufacturers (in the form of defective or faulty equipment) – may be responsible for incompetence or negligence that results in injury. In all cases, the injured party has on his/her side the legal history and precedent of construction accident law.

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