What is Accident Reconstruction, and How Much Does One Cost?

Accident Reconstruction

When you get in an accident, sometimes it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what caused it without further investigation.

That’s where accident reconstruction experts come in.

Instead of arguing with the other side over who remembered correctly without any evidence, you can utilize an expert to provide real evidence of what transpired.

What exactly is accident reconstruction, though—and how much does it cost?

Is it worth it for your case or just an added expense?

What is an Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction is a form of forensics.

Accident reconstruction experts work backwards from the current time to just before the accident to recreate it.

Experts can investigate lots of different types of accidents—from car accidents to plane crashes to bridge collapses. You might be interested in how an accident reconstruction is conducted for a car accident.

The reconstruction experts look at all the factors involved in the accident to figure out what may have caused it and why. They will likely travel back to the scene of the accident to take measurements with special equipment. They will also use any evidence from nearby cameras or eyewitnesses.

For example, they may determine after investigation that poor visibility with foggy weather and traveling above the speed limit were found to contribute to an accident.

How do accident reconstruction experts form their opinions?

Accident reconstruction experts don’t just take your word for how fast you were going or how the weather was that day.

They are trained in the art of accident reconstruction and may have a background in law enforcement. They utilize many different skills and software options to realize the potential causes.

They might use skills in mathematics, physics, simulation/modeling, and more.

Additionally, they will check out witness statements, medical records, any available video footage, photographs of the accident, deposition transcripts, crash test reports, vehicle specifications, and much more.

In the case of an auto accident, photos and research doesn’t tell the whole story. The reconstruction expert will also look at the actual vehicles to make determinations about the accident, like extent of the damage, existing problems with the vehicle, or even grass and dirt trapped in the nooks and crannies of the vehicle which could show more about what happened.

The investigator may also perform skid analysis at the scene which can show the distance that it took for the vehicle to stop. This can be helpful for situations where a car is rear-ended. If the distance that it took the vehicle to stop was longer than what a “reasonable following distance” would be, then the expert may come to the conclusion that the vehicle was following too closely and could be at fault.

Between the research and reconstruction efforts, the expert is able to make an informed opinion about what happened during the accident. Their skills could be the difference between you getting compensation for your injuries or being denied.

A word of caution, accident reconstruction can be misapplied if the expert is not properly trained.

This is not a job for just anyone to complete.

You will need an expert who is trained in properly conducting an accident reconstruction so that their opinion is credible for the outcome of your case.

How much does an accident reconstruction cost?

Each case is different, and the cost of an accident reconstruction depends on the scope of what needs to be done to get to a credible conclusion.

For example, if the expert needs to check out six different cars or if they need to look through piles of witness statements or provide a lot of data to support their conclusions, it may be more costly.

However, that’s not to say that every reconstruction is going to be prohibitively expensive, just that the effort that goes in will be equal to the price.

It’s important to remember that when you work with VanDerGinst Law, you don’t pay a dime for your injury case unless you win.

That means you don’t need to worry about the costs along the way, you just have to worry about getting better and healing from your accident.

We take care of the rest.

Do I need an accident reconstruction?

If the case is a “he said, she said” situation, the facts of the case just don’t quite add up, or no one is really sure what happened, you might need an accident reconstruction expert.

They will help to determine the velocity of the vehicles, their stopping distances, environmental factors that could have affected the drivers, and the extent of the damage sustained by both parties.

We can help you decide whether it might be prudent to retain an expert who can help you prove who was at fault in an accident through their skills.

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