VanDerGinst Attorneys Representing Quad Cities Hepatitis A Outbreak Victims

VanDerGinst Law is currently representing persons who contracted the Hepatitis A Virus from exposure at a McDonald’s restaurant in Milan, IL. A class action lawsuit has also been filed on behalf of all persons who were exposed to the virus. This Quad Cities Hepatitis lawsuit seeks damages related to costs and inconvenience associated with immunizations necessary to combat the virus. VanDerGinst Law is screening those class action cases and will refer them to the law firm handling that case. However, VanDerGinst Law will only be actively involved in handling cases for those people who were actually made ill, either due to contracting Hepatitis A itself, or made ill from the immunization.

If you contracted Hepatitis A or were made ill due to immunizations against the virus please contact us right away via our Hepatitis contact form or telephone 866-843-7367 or 309-793-1234.