Our Bettendorf Personal Injury Attorney Offers Deposition Tips

Bettendorf Personal Injury Attorney Hurting hand wrapped upA Bettendorf personal injury attorney may be able to advise you on implementing these important tips to giving a successful deposition. The answers you give during your deposition have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. The manner in which you deliver those answers is equally important.

Initial Answers

If you have already had the chance to respond to written interrogatories, be sure to think carefully about your verbal answers. It is important that both sets of answers are consistent. Before your deposition, you should carefully consider your injuries and the effects they have on you from day to day. Next, you should prepare a list of all doctors you have seen in chronological order so you can answer questions logically and concisely.

Attorney Consultation

You should speak with your Bettendorf personal injury attorney before your deposition to discuss your loss of income due to the injuries. You should also draw a diagram of the scene of your accident so both you and your attorney agree on your reflection of the events.

Presentation and Professionalism

It is important that you dress and act like you are interviewing for a job at an office. The defense attorney will be assessing how a jury will view your testimony at trial. You should also answer each question truthfully without elaborating or giving away unnecessary information. It is also important to stay calm and remember that your responses are being judged and tested. When it comes to presenting the facts, you should neither understate nor exaggerate the extent of your injuries. Similarly, if you do not remember something, say so rather than making up an answer. It is also essential to remember that you should never interrupt the defense attorney while he is speaking. If the questioner makes inaccurate assumptions or paraphrases you inaccurately, you should politely correct him before answering. Finally, never guess when you are asked about measurements of time, speed, lighting and other exact measurements. You should also be completely candid when asked to describe the nature and circumstances surrounding your past injuries.

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