Chicago Burr Oak Cemetery Lawyer

Chicago cemetery lawsuits are the latest development in the Burr Oak cemetery scandal. While the number of disturbed graves and resold burial plots in the Chicago Burr Oak cemetery scandal remains unclear, the impact is staggering. Chicago cemetery investigators believe that at least 300 graves have been illegally exhumed (dug up), with the bodies relocated and dumped into a mass grave or graves. The emptied plots were then resold to unsuspecting customers.  Chicago cemetery attorneys have become involved in the burial plot scandal through Burr Oak cemetery lawsuits. Outraged relatives have already begun filing lawsuits with Chicago cemetery lawyers. These suits may be certified as class action lawsuits, paving the way for action on the part of large numbers of relatives involved. In addition to these cemetary lawsuits, already over 7000 reports have been filed with Burr Oak cemetery, located near Alslip, IL, as relatives search for information and answers on their loved ones. Investigators have declared the entire cemetery a crime scene, closing it to the public as they make efforts to find out who should be buried where and who actually is buried where. Chicago’s Burr Oak cemetery is thought to hold about 100,000 graves.The cemetery is the final resting place for several notable people, including civil rights figure Emmett Till, whose museum and mausoleum—promised by Burr Oak administrators—was never even begun. His casket and remains were instead found rusting under a tarp.Chicago cemetery lawsuits seek damages. Burr Oak cemetery attorneys will help clients pursue restitution for breach of contract issues (Burr Oak cemetery failing to uphold its promised services), for damage inflicted on the memory and remains of those buried in the cemetery, and for psychological and emotional pain afflicting living relatives. Amid calls for more regulation of cemeteries, Burr Oak cemetery lawsuits seek damages for the outrageous actions in this scandal.  The Chicago Cemetery Lawyers at VanDerGinst Law are involved in representing families affected by the Burr Oak cemetery tragedy.  If you and your family have been affected by this case, and are interested in pursuing a Chicago Burr Oak cemetery lawsuit, contact us immediately.