How Prepared Can You Be for a Car Accident

There is no way to know if you will ever be involved in a Chicago car accident whether it is your fault or due to someone else’s negligence.  So you cannot prepare for the actual accident.  However, you can prepare yourself with the proper automobile coverage.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were involved in an accident caused by someone who did not have automobile insurance?  Would you have sufficient coverage of your own to pay for your loss, whether it be property damage or personal injury? Besides the bodily injury and property damage coverage you carry in case you cause an accident, you should also carry medical payments coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and underinsured motorist coverage specifically to protect you in the event you are the victim of an accident.

The medical payments coverage can be used to pay your medical bills for treatment you receive for any injury sustained in the accident.  If you were seriously injured and required extensive treatment, and with the rising costs of health care, minimal medical payments coverage of $1,000.00 would not go far in paying your medical bills.  Even if you were not seriously injured, but were treated in the emergency room and had a follow-up appointment with your general physician, a minimal amount of coverage would not pay your bills.

In addition to the medical payments coverage, your uninsured coverage would also compensate you for your loss.  This coverage will take into account additional medical bills not covered by medical payments coverage, lost wages if you were not able to work for any period of time, and pain and suffering.  So again, just like medical payments coverage, minimal coverage would probably not adequately compensate you if you were seriously injured.

Underinsured coverage comes into play when the person causing the accident had coverage, but only in a minimal amount, and your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering far exceed that amount.  If this were to happen, the underinsured coverage would help to compensate you for your loss.

Take a moment to check your coverage amounts on your automobile policy.  Minimal coverage may save you money on your premiums, but what happens if that accident happens.  Are you sufficiently covered by your own policy?

If you have already been in an accident, you can turn to VanDerGinst Law, P.C.  This Chicago Car Accident Law Firm offers free consultations to victims whose injuries were caused by another party’s negligence.